September Chills: Getting Ready For Student Life*

*This is a collaborative post*

It is hard to comprehend that we are already well on our way into the summer which means that for many people out there, the month of September is getting closer than ever. While you may not realise the significance of it, and it is to you, just another month. For some people, September is a life-changing time of year for them. That is because students start their academic years. Whether it is your first for college or university, second or third, it can always be an apprehensive time. So here are some of the suggestions and tips to help you to start preparing for student life ahead of schedule.

Think about your accommodation

One of the first things that you may need to think about doing is sorting out your accommodation. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to find something close to college or university. Start looking now. Check out student lets, private rentals, and see what is out there? Also consider sharing with friends if you are starting at the same place. It might even be an option to stay at home, which can keep your outgoings to a minimum.

Storage and keep things tidy

The next thing you may want to think about is storage and keeping things tidy in your new place, but also for the future. It might be that you have more things now, but they just won’t fit in your new place. This is when student self storage can come in handy. If anything, even if there isn’t much in it when you move in September, it is the ideal place to keep things for when it is holidays or when the academic year finishes, while you consider your next move. 

Commute to school

Figuring out where to live and what your options are may be essential, but within that decision you also need to commute. You don't want to live far out because it's cheaper, only to realise that the cost to get you to college or university increases because of the added travel time. Accomodation near great transport links should be a priority for you.

Discounts and saving money

Students get some great savings and options, so it is definitely worthwhile to consider what it is you can do to make the savings. There will be dedicated student websites where you can see exactly what discounts, vouchers, and savings you are entitled to. This helps to keep your outgoings low.

Getting all the equipment you need

Finally, don’t wait till the last minute before getting all the equipment you need for school, it is probably in your best interest to be prepared and make some purchases now. Write a list of what it is you think you need, and check out online blogs to ensure that you are not missing anything. Then slowly make purchases now so that you are ready instead of it feeling like a mad rush and a lot of stress to prepare.

Let’s hope these tips and suggestions have you ready for September and your next academic year.

*Contributed by Sam Jones. Image source

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