Planning The Perfect Wedding Party*

*This is a collaborative post*

Planning the perfect wedding can seem like a huge challenge. And something that is going to zap your bank account repeatedly until the day arrives. In fact, weddings come up as one of the most stressful things next to moving home, having babies, and moving careers. But of course, when you are searching for everything from rental tuxedos to live music wedding entertainment ideas, it can feel like there is simply too much to do.

However, you probably have plenty of time to plan, and you just need to choose what works for you. Often we place what other people want ahead of our own wishes - which is where some of the stress comes from.

Once you have arranged all of the legalities, then you can get down to planning the fun stuff. The wedding party and meals! This is the bit where you can relax, sip some wine, and head out on the dance floor.

Just always remember that this day is about you and your partner, it is a celebration of your love for each other.

Set A Realistic Budget

People start looking at castles, huge country manors, and often the budget doesn’t stretch that far unless you are giving yourself a few years worth of saving and payment plans. Which can be really horrible if something goes wrong. Try and be realistic about what you can comfortably afford. If you are considering things like an open bar, try to imagine how much people can consume when it’s ‘free.’ Be smart.


If you know what you want - from Willy Wonka to Disney Princess, then pick it and stick to it. They can be a lot of fun and something different. You aren’t beholden to any traditions that you don’t want to include, and you can really personalize what you want by doing this. You are free to do something unique and break the mold.


Pick a team of people who are going to call you out when you start to be silly with your budget and will support you when things go a little wrong. You need to pick people that have your best interests at heart, no matter what that looks like. They won’t let you get carried away and will help you fill all of the favors at 3am when you just can’t get it all done by yourself.


There should be a list of things that you simply cannot be without. It might be a giant chocolate cake, or maybe it is a cheese fountain. Whatever it is, be sure of them and write them down. This is where the most significant chunk of your budgets are going to be going towards. Talk this through with your partner - and you might find you are holding the same things on your list. Other things like a pumpkin carriage or getting married on a football field might need some discussions though.

Your wedding is about you, so work towards what you want. 

*Contributed by Sam Jones. Header image source.

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