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How Anxiety Could Affect You!
With 1 in 5 people in the UK suffering from anxiety it is important to try and understand this enemy, which may lie within. That means statistically 2 of the eleven people in the image above (jumping for the snap) are actually suffering with anxiety. First things first, suffering from a mental health condition such as anxiety or even depression doesn't mean that you cannot lead a fulfilling life. Nor does it condemn you to lifetime of sadness, negative thoughts and self doubt (contrary to what some would have you believe). 

By understanding some of the potential causal factors and learning about how they can affect each and every one of us, we can then learn to adapt where needs be and how to successfully manage the anxiety in order to live the life you want.
Suffering From Anxiety Doesn't Mean You Are Weak
My own personal opinion with regards to Mental Health issues, we need to do our best to remove the stigma. We all know of people who are extraordinary and noted for their mental toughness and physical prowess yet whom have been stricken by the silent killer that is mental health. The Heavyweight Champion of the World Tyson Fury and former Fighter Frank Bruno are a perfect example of how success, mental fortitude and all the money you could want, does not protect someone from the dangers of a mental health condition such as anxiety.
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As well as famous athletes and celebrities, there are a growing number of veterans who are now recognised as suffering from a whole range of psychological disorders, from PTSD to Anxiety and Depression, as a result of serving in hellish environments. I think people like former SBS soldier Jason Fox have done a lot to open people's eyes when it comes to understanding that psychological disorders are rarely to do with a person being weak. I mean you don't get much tougher, physically and mentally than an SBS/SAS soldier. Yet even that Spartan cast can fall prey to the ravages of mental illness.
In fact more soldiers from the first Gulf War have since committed suicide than were killed on operations or in combat by the enemy. More young men kill themselves than any other age demographic which is frightening. In the UK a man will commit suicide every 2 hours (on average). I don't like the phrase commit suicide in this case, of course it is a more salubrious way of conveying a tragic message, but I think to say that every 2 hours a guy in the UK will go and kill themselves, gets the message across a little more powerfully.
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What Can Cause Anxiety?
Despite the fact that the mind remains a mystery in large part, it does seem that there are certain causes and symptoms which can be directly attributed to causing the onset of a deteriorating state of mind. Anxiety can be triggered by everyday current life issues such as:
  • Financial pressure
  • Losing someone close to you
  • Feeling lonely or isolated
  • Having social anxiety
  • Long working hours
It is not just current pressures which can cause anxiety, evidence overwhelmingly suggests that it can also be caused due to past experiences from your childhood, such as losing a parent, suffering, neglect, abuse, bullying or witnessing something horrific.
We all have some level of anxiety, and for some of us it occurs at different times, when I think of anxiety I think of the god awful feeling I used to be consumed by whenever I had to stand on a stage or have to speak in front of people from being a kid at school till my early twenties. Feeling sick, or the nerves before a big sports match as a kid, or the sinking feeling of opening that first page on a math test and realizing you are about to fail miserably. 
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It is good to have some anxiety, that feeling of unease when walking down a dark narrow pathway, part of fight or flight mechanism and a key instinct for our survival. I think it is an important point to make, that it is not a case of 'us' and 'them' with regards to how people 'without' mental health issues regard those 'with' them. We are all susceptible to suffering from a mental health condition, no one is impervious, no matter how tough, we all have a breaking point.
With 1 in 5 people suffering with a mental illness there is a good chance and let's face it, more than a good chance that someone you are close to, and someone you love very much is currently suffering with such an affliction, and perhaps unbeknownst to you they might be putting a face on it on when they are around you. Most people who suffer such things do not want to put their pressures onto the one's that they love the most. 
Sometimes it can be difficult for those who suffer to admit it to themselves, let alone to the one's they love the most. Again due to the stigma which still pervades and lingers like a foul phosphorous stench over a chemical works. It can feel to someone suffering anxiety like they are the biggest disappointment and failure and there is a huge sense of feeling like they have let people down. Which then can lead to more feelings of a negative nature and greater loss of self esteem and from this other issues can then arise.
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Some Of the Warning Signs and Symptoms
It seems at this moment that anxiety is not necessarily brought on by one incident but is most likely the result of a cumulative set of experiences. As mentioned, experiences from childhood are known to be some of the most crucial due to it being such a formative time in the development of the mind and brain, so experiences of a positive and negative nature can have ever lasting effects.
Worry, spinning thoughts and insomnia due to a racing mind that just won't 'switch off' are some of the most recognizable symptoms for those who may be suffering which can then cause issues such as a racing heartbeat, nausea, headaches and muscle tension. Please watch the video below for some pointers as to some of the signs of anxiety to look out for here.
Anxiety and Uniquely Prepared Lavender Oil
Research recently carried out has found that Kalms Lavender capsules can have significant impact on the brain in the treatment of anxiety. People can often be more susceptible to feelings of anxiety when they are really busy, or they are looking ahead apprehensively to a big event.
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The results of over 15 clinical trials have shown that a daily capsule of the uniquely prepared lavender oil can relieve the symptoms of anxiety, with benefits notable in just one to two weeks, and the benefits are comparable to commonly used anti anxiety medications. One study found that symptoms in 70% of those taking the lavender oil capsules were rated as ‘much’ or ‘very much’ improved when assessed at the end of treatment.

The anxiety relieving effects of these uniquely prepared, pharmaceutical quality lavender oil capsules are now available on UK soil, only in new Kalms Lavender One-A-Day Capsules.

So if you or someone you know is suffering from such symptoms as mentioned here then give your Doc a call and have a chat about how you are feeling. 

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