Lviv: A Beautiful Travel Destination On The Rise*

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Lviv is a beautiful, historic, cultural gem of a city in Western Ukraine! With an eclectic mix of the old and the new, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of foreign tourists flocking to make the most of the attractions on offer in this lovely city which is fast stamping it's mark on the tourist industry.

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A Brief Introduction To Lviv.

Lviv is located roughly 70kms away from the border with Poland in Eastern Europe. It is the 7th most populous city in Ukraine. It is a city steeped in history and it was first founded in the 14th century as part of the Kingdom of Ruthenia.

The city then became a hub of commercial and political activity during the middle ages. You can see for yourself the physical reminders of this colorful history as you roam around the city.

Lviv offers visitors a wide range of landmarks, activities and great food to revel in, it is also a rather romantic city and many couples come here to enjoy the romantic ambiance and feel of the town. Although it doesn't have the high level of tourist numbers that some of the other cities do, such as Donetsk, Odessa and Kiev, (the Capital of Ukraine) which are better known, Lviv is well worth a visit.

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Things To Do in Lviv

From titilating the tastebuds sampling hand crafted chocolate creations, to chilling out in Rynok Square watching the world go by, to shooting a Kalashnikov; there's fun to be had in Lviv. Rynok Sqaure is the 500 year old market square, for centuries it has been (and remains) the centre of city life. It has actually been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

The square has a city hall and is surrounded by 44 houses which exhibit all the creative and artistic flavour of four hundred years worth of architectural one-upmanship. The buildings ranging from the 16th and 17th century right up to the twentieth century provide an ever intriguing vista. Lviv offers a rich culture and is regarded as the cultural capital of the country.

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There are museums and galleries, eateries and beautiful fountains to enjoy, in particular the High Castle Park features a very tranquil park located on a hill which overlooks the city and offers a tremendous photo opportunity with some tremendously scenic views including castle ruins.

The nightlife in the city is good with some fantastic restaurants bars and clubs. It is growing in it's appeal to the 'Stag Party' market too, and guys from across Europe are travelling to Lviv in order to enjoy their last few nights of 'freedom'. If you are looking for a cool destination to have a lot of fun then you might want to check out this site for more information.

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One of the great advantages of visiting a country such as the Ukraine, is that the financial  exchange rate is in our favour and therefore you can have a great breakaway and enjoy so many of the cities' delights without feeling like you are going to bankrupt yourself and your entire family. Spring and Summer is the best time to visit in terms being able to enjoy a much more temperate climate during your stay. 

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