Is Decking The Right Option For Your Garden?

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With Summer fast approaching, now might be the time to re-invigorate your garden space and there are many ways that you might wish to do so. From planting beautiful flora and fauna, to selecting some rustic garden furniture or even just mowing the lawn; time spent in the garden is a great way to unwind from the daily stresses of life. 

In the US companies have been catering to the decking needs of the masses for years. Of course, here in the UK we aren't blessed with the climate of many of the States, but that does nothing to dampen our optimism once we experience a day or two of 60 degree heat in April. Timber decking in the UK is fast becoming one of the go to's for many a garden lover seeking to enjoy their home to the maximum.

Decks can be a great addition to any garden and there are a few reasons why I would consider investing in some good quality decking if i were you. There are numerous benefits of using timber decking for any kind of landscaping structures in your garden when compared to other more traditional hard patios and terraces.

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Some Of The Benefits Of Decking

Timber decking provides a much more comfortable surface for walking, sitting and even lying on. Therefore it is much more forgiving on the lower limb joints than if you were to be pottering around on concrete, brick or paving slabs.

Timber decking can be very aesthetically pleasing, while I can't deny that I love a well designed patio, there is something very natural about using wood for any decking in the natural space of the garden. It helps to create a more harmonious space, whereas the harshness of traditional patio designs can often be quite a harsh contrast in an otherwise natural looking garden.

As well as looking great, decking can also be used to conceal unsightly necessities. such as manhole covers and drains, which is a bonus.

One of the current trends within the sphere of British contemporary landscaping is the concept of the 'new garden' in which the exterior is to be treated more as an 'outside room'. In this context , timber decking can be an excellent method of 'extending the living space of a building-outdoors'. Also it adds a definite warmth to the space, more so than with traditional hard terrace surfaces.

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Decking is also highly flexible and it can be a safer alternative for the space particularly for those with children. Whether dining, entertaining or relaxing with a glass of wine, whatever your reason for creating a deck, it is one of the most attractive additions which can be made to a home's exterior space. Decking can also harness the potential of terrain which isn't perfectly flat. This is handy to know as many people have gardens which often feature undulating type terrain or sloping gradients.

A well designed and installed deck can be a beautiful as well as functional addition to your garden, thereby extending the potential usage of your garden space in general. Decking is also fairly easily modified and extended and even the installation of decking is less intrusive in terms of the scale of ground work preparation and excavation.

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Environmental Benefit Of Using Timber Decking

Wood is a much more beneficial material to make use of in the garden when compared with others. This is due to the harvesting and conversion of timber which creates less pollution than for the harvesting of other man made materials which are often from non-renewable sources. The by products of timber processing such as sawdust and wood chipping can also be used efficiently.

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