6 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To Your Wedding*

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When it comes to organising a wedding, you want to make it as personal as you possibly can. There are so many little details that make your wedding special to you and without a little bit of personalisation, you could end up having the exact same wedding as everyone else. Whilst it may involve a little bit of extra planning to perfect, you'll be glad you went through the extra effort when your big day arrives. With that in mind, here are 6 ways to add a personal touch to your wedding:

Design Your Creative Save The Dates Yourself

One of the first things you will do when planning your wedding is to make your save the dates. Whilst the only information you need to create these is the date of your wedding, you can be as creative as you want when designing them. Whether you use to hint at the theme of the wedding or add your own personal touches with a photograph, you want people to instantly know they're from you when they arrive. For inspiration when it comes to save the dates, you can visit this site here.

Opt For Smaller, Intimate Venue

If you want your wedding to be a smaller, more personal day, you may want to opt for a more intimate venue. Whilst this doesn't necessarily mean you have to invite fewer people, it does mean that your wedding will be more focussed on people interacting with each other, rather than the things that surround them. Whether it's a small and intimate barn in the countryside or your own back garden, you'll really enjoy the small and intimate feel it offers.

Invite Only Those That Are Close To You

If you're looking to go that step further and make it a really intimate gathering, why not think about only inviting those that are close to you? Whilst it will definitely make for a small wedding, you can ensure you're not spending all of your time worrying about what everyone else thinks and instead spend time making sure your wedding is as incredible as it can be. For tips and tricks when it comes to planning a small wedding, you can visit this site here.

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- Personally Design The Food And Drink Menu To Represent Your Favourite Things

Another great way to ensure your wedding has a personal touch is to personally design the food and drink menu to include your favourite meals. Whilst this won't be possible at every single venue, there will be lots of places where you're able to organise the catering yourself. If this is the case, you can either hire a caterer that is willing to change their menu or speak to a restaurant that you know serves the dishes you want, asking whether or not they would be willing to cater your wedding for you. For a wedding planner guide that can assist with menus, you can visit this site here.

Create Your Own Wedding Playlist

One of the easiest parts of your wedding to personalise is the wedding playlist. Even if you're hiring a DJ or a band for your big day, you will be able to have a say over the music they play. Whether it's creating an entire playlist that they're not allowed to stray from, or giving them suggestions for songs to play on the night - you can ensure some of your favourites are playing as you dance the night away with your family and friends. For the ultimate wedding playlist, you can visit this site here.

Remember, It's All In The Details

Finally, it's important to remember that personalisation is all in the details, as these are the things you have the most creative control over. Whether that means changing all of the place settings to a design you love or adding personal touches to the wedding favours, you have complete control over the way in which your wedding runs so take advantage of that. Be as creative as you want and ensure your day is exactly how you imagined it would be.

Are you getting married soon? How can you ensure your wedding has personal touches? Let me know in the comments section below.

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