You Can Smile With Confidence With Lingual Braces*

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The Discreet Way To Straight Teeth And A Better Smile

When you think of braces you often picture an awkward teenager with a mouth full of metal. It is the reason many adults are actually put off from wearing braces in order to have their teeth straightened. I guess it isn't the most pleasant of images to have stuck in your mind. However, there is an effective solution that not only straightens your teeth, but is also very discreet and far more comfortable than traditional metal braces.

Welcome to the world of lingual braces! Lingual orthodontics works in exactly the same way as traditional fixed metal braces, but without the added embarrassment of having to display a mouth full of metal wiring when smiling at people, or talking in a meeting. 

The main difference between lingual braces and conventional braces are that the brackets are fitted to the inner surface of the tooth. This means that you can comfortably wear your braces without them being on constant display. In many cases, the only person who knows you are having orthodontic treatment is you.

This can have a profound effect on your self confidence, especially if your job involves a lot of face-to-face meetings with people on a daily basis, or you are required to talk, give speeches or deliver verbal reports as part of your work. You won't have to shy away from people or try to cover your mouth while speaking because you feel your braces would be a distraction to others.

Are lingual braces suitable for everyone?

Lingual braces may not be suitable for absolutely everyone, but as long as you are in good general health and you have healthy teeth and gums, then there will be nothing to stand in your way.

You may be wondering if lingual braces can be worn by people with all sorts of different incorrect tooth positions or have very crooked teeth. This should be no problem as the brackets are customised to fit each individual patient so that they perform to their fullest extent. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' when it comes to lingual braces.

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How are lingual braces fitted?

You will begin by having a silicone impression taken of your teeth. This means that your dentist can then craft the brackets to fit you perfectly. Lingual brackets are made using a gold alloy material and are designed to specifically fit on the tongue side (lingual side) of your teeth. Once the brackets are made they will be attached together by an archwire. This is also custom-made according to the measurements taken from your silicone impression. The archwire provides the gentle tension that actually moves your teeth into their proper position in the jaw. This will result in your teeth aligning and straightening comfortably over time.

The benefits of having lingual braces

There is no doubt that choosing lingual braces over conventional braces is sensible for adults. Here are the main benefits:

·         Hidden lingual brackets make your braces virtually impossible to see
·         Braces are individually customised for each patient
·         Braces are made from gold alloy material
·         You get precise and reliable results

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