3 Tips To Gain More Instagram Followers*

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There are all kinds of tips on how to best increase your followers on Social Media platforms and ways to increase your 'likes'.But perhaps an idea that some of you might not be so familiar with is the use of graphics bundles to help you in your quest for greater online presence.

Posting At The 'Right' Time

This is a very simple yet often overlooked part of posting on social media in general, but by making some simple adjustments, you could really benefit from posting at times when your post is most likely to be seen by the optimum amount of viewers.

A couple of things to consider are one, the time zone of your intended audience, for those of us who regularly write posts for a US audience, it is vital that certain posts are scheduled for the benefit of those people and not those within my own time zone.

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According to a well known analytics company the best time to post for optimal views on Instagram is on a Wednesday between the hours of 17:00 and 18:00pm. Morning and evenings are when most logins to Instagram take place, so do bear these things in mind to help give you every chance in boosting your 'likes' and presence online. If your target audience is based in London, target rush hour posts, when many people are commuting and stuck on modes of public transport with nothing much else to do but check their phones.

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Graphic Design Bundles

For anyone who uses Instagram, I would definitely recommend taking a look at some of the graphic design bundles which are offered by. They are a company which formed only 3 years ago but which as you will see, have a wide range of varied themes and packages.

They make a profile much more eye catching than the norm, and being that they are easy to use, there is no reason why anyone cannot make their Instagram account a more memorable one. The design bundles can be used and enjoyed by anyone so there is no reason why you cannot have a fantastic look Instagram account to rival the best, in terms of aesthetics. Some of the background patterns are awesome and really cool looking in my opinion, for reference as to some of the designs available, check out the image above and the following one too!

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These design packages are brilliant for use by small businesses or one person bands, like musicians, artists or photographers for example. They can really help you increase your level of followers in quick time.

Host A Contest

This is one of the best and simplest ways to increase your social media following. By simply creating some form of competition and perhaps offering a free giveaway prize or two, you can generate a certain buzz ad start to get particular hashtags (related to your profile) trending. Prizes might be an item signed by a celeb, cinema tickets, a meal for two, makeup, vouchers or something which you think might interest your targeted audience.

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People genuinely love a freebie and it is also a fun process, and I'd recommend this to anyone out there who is seeking to increase their own social media following.

I would say there is no one way to make your Instagram account a truly memorable one, but these are a few simple and easy methods to do so. Be sure to check out some of the graphics on offer as there is something for everyone, and no matter the theme of your profile, you will surely find a design which complements your own personal style.

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