Steps To Find Ideal Suitcase For Your Next Trip*

*This is a collaborative post*
Your travel companion, the humble suitcase has come a long way since its inception back in the day. The market is filled with never-ending styles, shapes and shades of suitcases that can leave anyone looking for one in a state of a dilemma! It may seem that choosing the ideal suitcase for your next trip is a demanding task. One cannot blame you for that! So to make it a bit easy for you, here are three steps that you can follow to buy the ideal suitcase:
Step 1: Choose the right size and avoid excess weight
Be it an international or a domestic trip, travelling light or to be precise travelling with less number of luggage is preferred by most since it is less troublesome. Keeping that in mind, it is recommended to go for a large suitcase so that you can put in it all your necessary items along with a few extras! It helps you to limit your number of bags thereby making it easy for you to manage and keep track of your belongings. Go for a suitcase that is at least 22 inches tall and comes in with a hard shell.
The size of your suitcase depends on a few factors. Some of them are mentioned below:
       The type of trip (by water, by road or by air)
       The duration of the trip
       Your packing skills
       The destination and its weather
       The travel budget
Be sure to go for a suitcase that satiates at least three of the above-mentioned factors, if not all!
Step 2: Which characteristics are important to you?
The characteristics that you will be looking for in a suitcase will depend on the following factors:
       In case you are flying – Not all airlines maintains the same weight limits in their policies meaning you should do your homework on the maximum weight your airline of choice allows you to carry with you. Go for a suitcase that is sturdy enough to handle the drops of the baggage handlers. Be sure that the same is mobile enough for you to carry it seamlessly to your hotel, on the back of a cab, etc.
       In case you are taking the road – Go for a suitcase that has a shape perfect for fitting at the trunk of a car. Make sure it has enough room so that you are not compromising on necessary items!
       In case you are travelling by sea – Go for a suitcase with a hard shell since most of the time the baggage handlers at a cruise stacks the luggage of their guests! Chances of your bag ending up in the stack are high. So if your suitcase is in the end, it will be bearing the load of the entire stack! A sturdy suitcase is your best bet!
Step 3: Pack ‘n’ Go!
Make sure you are utilizing every inch of your suitcase so that you are limiting your luggage to just one! Keep your shoes in a ziplock bag so that the dirt in the heels is not getting on to your clothes. Stuff your socks in the shoes and keep liquids like your mouthwash, shampoo, conditioners, hair oil, etc in a ziplock bag to keep your clothes safe from accidental spills. Roll your clothes instead of folding since it is one of those tricks used often by travellers to save time and space!
A suitcase is your best bet if you don’t want to end up paying extra cash to your airline or running frantically behind your cab as you have forgotten your handbag in the back seat! Be sure that you keep the above-mentioned steps in mind while shopping for the ideal suitcase for your next trip!

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