Don't Let Heavy Periods Ruin Your Life*

*This is a collaborative post*

No matter your age or how prepared you are, getting your very first period is a major deal! I remember starting my periods at fifteen years old, a tad later than all my high school friends and so my initial reaction was a euphoric 'finally!' I'd at last caught up to the other girls and I didn't feel like the odd one out anymore. Oh how quickly that changed. Once my periods kicked in, they really kicked in hard. Plagued with ridiculously heavy periods that caused me to later become anaemic, I struggled month by month, sometimes even having to take time off school. It wasn't just the painful cramps that bothered me either, often I would feel self conscious and would worry about my period leaking through my clothes. Sometimes it did so I'd end up tying my jumper around my waist to hide the accident. Luckily I've learnt a lot since my teenage years. I know which sanitary towel or tampon products work for me and which don't. Likewise I've found that the contraceptive pill is the best solution for me and when I take it I don't have painful cramps or heavy periods. (Please note that this works for me but before you consider taking any medication you should speak to your doctor.)

There are many ways you can easily get rid of your period cramps, you just have to find what's right for you. Bear in mind what works for one won't necessarily work for another so don't lose heart. If you're really suffering then you should speak to your GP. 

Here are a few pointers that might help if you're plgued by heavy periods; 

Over the counter analgesics can work a treat but check with the pharmacist before you take anything and if you're a minor then speak to your parent first.

Gentle exercise can help although granted you might not feel up to this on your worst days. 

A hot water bottle can soothe a sore tummy and I also used to find that heat on my lower back would provide some temporary relief too. Some women prefer to take a warm bath. 

Make sure you change your sanitary towel or tampon on a regular basis. 

Wear comfortable underwear that protects against leaks so you can carry on about your day with complete peace of mind. Wear lose comfortable clothing where you can too. 

If all else fails then speak to your GP and they should be able to help. Again if you're a minor, also speaks to your parents. Please don't do as I did and suffer in silence for years, too embarassed to say anything. Periods are a completely natural thing and your parents and GP are there to help and support you so let them. If you're feeling particularly nervous then book with a female doctor. 

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