What Does Your Star Sign Say About You?*

*This is a collaborative post*

Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, there's certainly an element of fun in reading your zodiac description (or indeed your partners) just to see how accurate it is. Of course there will always be those who argue you can make anything fit if you want to believe it enough. And whilst there may be an element of truth in that, I can't deny that many a time my horoscope has been frighteningly accurate! 

www.furniture-work.co.ukproviders of high quality furniture at the lowest prices, recently carried out a survey where they asked one thousand Brits what they really thought about star signs. Over 58% of females said that they believed in horoscopes whilst only 38% of men said the same. A staggering 94% said they knew what their star sign was and 51% claimed that their zodiac description rang true of their personality. Funnily enough I read both mine and my boyfriends zodiac description just at the weekend and I kid you not, I was literally laughing out loud at how accurate both descriptions were. According to my zodiac description, I'm overworked and need to find the perfect work-life balance. (Agreed!) Apparently I also find it hard to let go and relax - another great big tick - and this doesn't look set to change anytime soon as I'm so focused on trying to please others. I do actually get told this often... Go figure.

Cynic or believer, it would appear that our zodiac signs can indeed reveal a lot about our personalities. And if our zodiac signs really do reflect each of us that accurately, perhaps we can use this to better understand one another and therefore improve our relationships both at home and in the office. Certainly from a work point of view, what harm could it do to learn the zodiac sign for each of your colleagues or employees? Would the commonly known traits for each star sign accurately reflect those of your staff? Understanding your employees may lead not just to better working relations and clearer communication but also to greater work productivity. All just food for thought of course. 

Click on any of the pictures below for a clearer image to see what your star sign says about you. (Zodiac descriptions and images courtesy of Furniture@Work.) Alternatively you can find the full eBook over on Furniture@Work's blog.

*Zodiac descriptions and images courtesy of Furniture@Work. Header image via Pexels.

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