3 Uses Of Diamonds You Didn’t Know About*

*This is a collaborative post*

The word ‘diamond’ might instantly evoke images of gorgeous, glittering jewellery. After all, surely everyone loves a carefully crafted ring, bracelet or necklace featuring these premium gemstones. But did you know that diamonds do much more than simply adorn glamorous trinkets?
In its recent eBook ‘Ultimate Supermaterial: The Diversity of Diamonds’, synthetic diamond supermaterials company Element Six outlined some of the less well-known uses of lab-grown diamonds. Here are three you probably didn’t know about…

1. Creating top quality speakers

Consider yourself a music lover? If you’ve invested in top quality speakers, there’s a chance they feature synthetic diamonds. Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) diamonds can be ‘grown’ into a wide variety of shapes, including domes used as components in speaker systems. These synthetic diamonds have a range of qualities that make them ideal for this purpose. For example, they can be created to be extremely stiff and have a relatively low density. This helps to ensure they produce supreme sound quality with minimal distortion.

2. Making cars

Synthetic diamonds play an important role in the automotive industry. For example, they are used in critical gearbox and engine components, as well as in window manufacture, wheel assembly and ensuring the smooth finish of body panels. They are a popular choice among manufacturers because compared with more conventional tooling materials, lab-grown diamonds help to ensure a more consistent production process. They can also extend tool life and lower operational costs.

3. Helping to get planes into the air

Next time you take to the skies in an aeroplane, spare a thought for the synthetic diamonds that helped get you there. Drill bits laced with this material are used to cut through the tough carbon fibre reinforced plastic composites that many new aircraft are built from. Industrial diamond helps to make more robust, effective tools that improve efficiency in the manufacturing of planes - ultimately lowering production costs for airlines.
If you’d like to discover more about the lesser known uses of synthetic diamonds, check out the Element Six eBook for yourself.

*Images via Pexels; Header/Speakers/Car/Plane 

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