Some Car Tyre Tips: Buying And Maintaining*

*This is a collaborative post*

Tyres are considered one of the most crucial elements of car safety in general, they are the only part of the vehicle which has any contact with the road and as such knowing a few simple facts and tips about tyres can help to maintain and in some cases improve, your own road safety.

Check your tyres regularly and check for signs of damage such as cracks, consult a tyre specialist to buy your car tyres in places like Southampton - You can check online at Point S in case you spot damage in old tyres and want a safe replacement. For instance it is the only way of guaranteeing the accurate and correct pressure for your tyres. It would also be wise to check your wheel alignment and the balance of the tyres checked every 10km or so. Don't take a chance when it comes to your tyres. In my opinion taking your car to a professional centre is worth the peace of mind that comes with it. It can also save you time, effort and money!

A Few Reasons You Should Only Buy Good Tyres.

*Tyres are the only contact between you and the road.

*Good tyres can make your ride safer and more comfortable.

*Each area of the tyre which comes into contact with the road is about the same size as an average postcard.

*The four tyres and the air inside them is what supports the entire weight of the car.

*They can help to absorb road shocks providing for a smoother ride.

*Changing the tyre angle steers the motor.

*Poor tyres can reduce the overall performance of your car/vehicle and can increase stopping distance as well as your chances of skidding.

Here's Some Tips On What You Can Do To Prevent Your Tyres Being Damaged.

*Regularly check the pressure of your tyres; see your car's user manual for details.

*Do this when the tires are cold, in terms of frequency, once a month should do the trick.

*Always check that your tyres are fully inflated, if they are not you will have less control over your vehicle obviously especially when braking.

*The Key word in the above point is “fully”, do not over inflate your tyres either as this can be just as dangerous as it can also contribute to a loss of traction, braking becomes less stable and control is decreased.

*Check your tyres regularly and check for signs of damage such as cracks, consult a tyre specialist.

*If your tyre sustains or bears the brunt of a pot hole impact it is always best to go to a tyre specialist as they can check on the condition of the internal and external damage which may be caused.

*Always check the depth of your tyre's tread, and remember to make sure you are within the legal limits where you are, 1.6mm is the legal limit in the UK for example.

By not buying your tyres from a specialist/professional car care centre you run the risk of purchasing a lower quality product, as well as not really knowing the actual pressures of the tyres. Your tyres could be exposed to further problems potentially as a result of both of the above.

*Post written by Michael David. Photos via Pexels.

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