Lost Your Job - Now What? - Guest Post By Mia Taylor

It’s quite difficult to start an article positively when the loss of a job is in question. Even so, there certainly are some things to be optimistic about, as everything has its upsides. We are conditioned to our jobs from the moment we graduate from college, so losing your job (or quitting, for that matter) can bring feelings that were unknown to you thus far. Bottom line – don’t be blue, as new job opportunities are just around the corner. Take a look at the most important things for you to do in case the worst happens and be calm as you wait for a new opportunity that will, hopefully, be even better than the last one.

Stay Positive

First of all, stay positive, as losing your job doesn’t mean the end of your life. Negative thinking will not get you anywhere, so thinking positively is the only choice you have left for the time being. After all, many studies show that thinking positively in the future will have an even better outcome, so put this thought into test.

Enjoy Your Freedom

It is definitely easier said than done, especially after losing your job, but you should try and enjoy your freedom as much as you can. First of all, you can take up any hobby that you’ve always wanted but simply had no time for. Doing good things for yourself during such a difficult time can be very refreshing and rewarding. Sleep those 8 hours that you need, cook yourself poached eggs and make your favorite avocado toast. Don’t forget to pamper yourself, as you will soon be on the train to your next office.

Think Of Online Alternatives

If you happen to be the workaholic kind, you should certainly find yourself a part-time online job. First of all, this will give you plenty of time for looking for alternatives while actually earning some cash on the side. There are plenty of options for working online at the moment, so if you want to get paid to take surveys online, this is your chance. Unleash that opinionated beast in yourself, say whatever you think and get paid for it. If you’re artistic, you can always be a ghost writer or a graphic designer for a small company. The choices are limitless; you just have to think of your skills and qualities. After all, why not sit in the comfort of your chair, drinking your favorite cocktail, while still working and earning?

Adjust Your Budget

This is probably the best time to adjust or make your budget. Even though you won’t be jobless forever, saving a couple of dollars at the moment can really help you a lot in the future. Think about all the things you’re paying for, and try to determine whether they are much needed indeed or if they can be skipped – such as your favorite magazine subscription or gym membership. There are alternatives for everything; you will get to read all sorts of magazine articles online for free, or you can go running early in the morning next to the river in the park. Both require $0, which will be quite good for you at this moment.

Develop New Skills

You know that they always say that everything happens for a reason – well, maybe this loss of job happened because you have to stay ahead of your peers. And the best way in which you can achieve this is working on your skills; upgrading them and learning new ones. Think about the industry that you want to pursue your career in. If it differs from the one you were in so far, make sure to learn all the necessary skills that will make you a good candidate for the job. If it’s in the same profession, though, you can use this time to learn something new or upgrade them. We live in a world where competition is extremely tough, so every second working on your skills matters.

Create A Portfolio

This is very closely related to the previous tip, but rest assured that it’s also extremely important for it to be mentioned separately. Regardless of the number of years of experience, you were most certainly taking part in several projects – and now it’s time to create your own experience portfolio which will come in extremely handy when applying for a new job. Depending on the type of the job that you do, this can be done through a tangible portfolio, or one made on websites such as personal blogs and websites.

As you can see, there are still things that you can (and should) be doing while waiting for new job opportunities. The worst thing that you can do is be depressed, so put a big smile on your face, wear your best self-confidence and work on yourself!

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for www.highstylife.com. She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips. Twitter | Facebook

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