Who Said Stairs Had To Be Boring? Choose A Staircase That Will Make A Statement*

*This is a collaborative Post*

We have all been in houses or visited properties of significance and marveled at certain components or parts of a building and wonder how on earth it came to be. From the great, such as the Ceiling in the Sistine Chapel perhaps, to the magnificent such as the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. However, such marvel and inspiration is not only to be found in the great and palatial buildings. I can remember visiting one of my Aunt's houses in the Lake District and it had this beautiful and alluring feature within the house which was most unusual. As children we would gawp and marvel at the intricate hand-carved patterns and shapes within the spindles of wood, all carved painstakingly a couple of centuries earlier by someone evidently very gifted.

The feature I am speaking of was a spiral staircase, it was just so unique to us back then being used to normal plain old boring staircases in normal plain houses. This spiral staircase wasn't particularly large-scale, it would fit probably two people abreast in width, but the craftsmanship was so ornate that even young children could admire it and we would all trace our hands along the smooth wood following the lines and contours of the carpenter's chisel. You could safely assume that the original owner of this 1700's residence was a person of particularly expensive tastes.

Staircases can be the centerpiece for a house and I have always liked the large, wide horseshoe staircases which you can often see in the entrance halls to stately homes and residences; they look so grand and classical and hark back to an era of grandeur. A staircase can be a defining feature of a home, and if you are looking to have a staircase built in your property then there are some great companies out their who can cater to your every whim and desire. 

If you are on the lookout for someone who can help you with your own staircase renovation project then a quick search online will reveal to you your nearest bespoke staircase specialists. If like me, you are based in the North-West, check the link and see for yourself the level of quality workmanship which has gone into each and every staircase. I also like the fact that they cater to the modern home owner and it seems very cool that in today's world such a nice feature of skilled craftsmanship with a modern edge can be a part of a 'normal' home. 

*Written by Michael David. Photos via Pexels

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