A Guide To Using Pendant Lighting In A Commercial Setting*

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In any commercial environment, lighting is a critical factor, and pendant solutions offer versatility and functionality in a stylish and elegant way. There are literally thousands of stylish pendant lighting fixtures available, and with a simple online search, you are minutes away from browsing an extensive catalogue, and generally speaking, an online retailer would be cheaper than their traditional bricks and mortar counterparts. If you have a commercial space and you would like to revamp the lighting, here are a few useful tips to help you create the ideal lighting solution.

  • Start with your Needs – For a commercial setting, you want the lighting to be suited to the various activities that are carried out, and with pendant lights that can be raised or lowered, you have the ideal task lighting for intricate work, and if you buy your commercial pendant lighting from an established online retailer, you will have a much greater choice than if you visited a store. If, for example, you have meetings, then several pendant units in line would be ideal. You can even buy tracking, which allows lateral movement as well, and with LED solutions, you have a greater spectrum of light options to choose from.

  • Dimmer Switches – Pendant lighting can be further enhanced by the use of dimmer switches, which are recommended with all commercial lighting, as it gives you fine control at the touch of a dial. When no one requires task lighting, the lights can be dimmed to a lower level and if they can also be raised or lowered, you have even more options. There is an informative article that gives you important information about pendant lights and how they can best be applied.

  • Ideal for Conference Rooms – Pendant lighting is the perfect way to illuminate a conference room, and with brushed aluminium, glass or stainless steel shading, the lighting will blend well with the existing d├ęcor. Linear tracking can hold several adjustable LED spotlights that can easily be relocated or adjusted.

  • Linear Suspensions – These state of the art LED units can be almost any size and really do provide a lot of general lighting, and with the right height in proportion to the ceiling, they look uniform and streamline. Perfect for warehouse or workshop lighting and with varying brightness levels, you have the perfect lighting for any commercial premises. The straight lines give the space some uniformity and by spacing the units accordingly, you will have general lighting that illuminates the entire area.

  • Industrial Open Ceilings – Pendant lights are ideal for warehouses, with stainless steel or black aluminium shades, you can really illuminate a large area with just a few units. Hang them on chains for the perfect height and you have a functional and visually appealing lighting system.

Pendant lighting is ideal for almost all commercial environments, and with LED solutions, your power consumption won't be anywhere near as high as if you use traditional incandescent bulbs, and saving energy is something we should all be looking at.

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