9 Ways To Maintain Your ATV*

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ATV’s aren’t just fun vehicles, they are also essential tools for people who work outside. From finding a camp site to looking after your lawn, there’s not much your ATV can’t do. So, it makes sense to keep it in peak condition.
Here are a few tips to ensure your ATV remains in tip-top shape.
  1. Check the oil
Make sure you check your oil before every ride to ensure you’re not putting any additional strain on the motor. It’s a tedious task, yes, but it could be costly if you forget to check before a ride and it could cause the engine to cease and lock up.
  1. Use good fuel
ATVs work best with high-quality, high-octane fuel. It helps keep the engine in top condition, saving you money down the line.
  1. Check tire pressure and tread
Your off-road vehicle needs to be able to grip the rough terrain it rides over. Poorly inflated tires and worn-out treads can seriously hinder the vehicle’s performance and its ability to climb steep ground, making it rather dangerous.
  1. Change spark plugs
Things like bad gas can result in wear on the spark plugs. If your spark plugs are worn out, it reduces how much power gets to the engine. Changing the plugs regularly is easy and inexpensive, and a good way to ensure your vehicle remains in top condition. Don’t forget to check LED bar lights, too, to ensure they are in perfect working order.
  1. Don’t forget the coolant
Coolant works to keep seals lubricated and cool, which in turn extends the life of the engine. Your vehicle can run for quite a long time on the same coolant, but since the engine is exposed to debris and dirt, this does diminish coolant levels, so remember to have them checked regularly.
  1. Check electrical wiring
If you notice any signs of wear and tear, exposed wires or cracks, get your ATV in for a service immediately. Damaged wires can cause a great deal of harm to essential parts of the vehicle.
  1. Service the driveline
Whether your vehicle is belt-driven or chain-driven, get it checked out often. Preferably after every couple of uses.
  1. Check the radiator cap
The radiator cap controls the coolant. It allows your radiator to pull in when it needs it. If there are breakages or cracks in the cap, it interferes with the ability to regulate pressure, making it much harder to have a good flow of coolant to the vehicle’s engine.
  1. Proper loading
Finally, if you transport the ATV on a truck bed, make sure you have the right equipment to make both loading and unloading safe. A long loading ramp will enable you to approach from a safe angle and reduce the risk of flipping.

Use these 9 tips to keep your ATV in the best possible condition. Most of these tips are easy enough to do yourself and relatively affordable, too!

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