Knowing The Big Moments That Will Cause You Anxiety In Life*

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As we gain life experience, many of us will feel anxiety in all of its forms. The transition as we go from child to adult, or making the next step up the rungs of the ladder of life, is always going to cause stress of some sort. As we get older, the bigger events in life become more commonplace. If you are concerned about the effects of anxiety, remember that knowledge is key. Here are some of the big events that can cause stress and anxiety;
Of course, the journey to marriage is an exciting one, but during the process of preparing for the big day, you will begin to ask yourself questions about your real friends, especially when it comes to deciding who you want there. Who will support you and who is there just for the free drinks? There are many questions you will also ask about your self-image because it's you that is the centre of attention after-all, but relax, the marriage and wedding industry is an industry that comes with many professionals. There are suppliers like Fairytale Brides, that work with brides to make them feel less self-conscious. Don't forget that the act of wedding planning can itself cause a lot of anxiety but this needn't be the case as you can always hire a wedding planner. Finances and relatives are also things that tend to cause problems, especially when it comes to deciding who to invite and who not to invite. This as you can imagine can cause a lot of family conflict. While you may want to enter into marriage, it's important to know that the process leading up to the big day can be pretty stressful and as a result some people don't find their wedding day to be the happiest of their life. However, if this is something that does cross your mind, you simply have to re-gain perspective, specifically between you and your partner.

The Death Of A Loved One
As we progress through life, we inevitably will start to lose more and more people we love. Earlier on in life, you may have had a grandparent pass away, but as you get older, the feelings of mortality may dawn upon you, and the realization that people closest to you could pass away is an unbearable thought. However, while it's a cliché to say that death is a part of life, the act of grieving is something that we appear to put off these days. Some people ignore it completely and think it's best to continue doing what they do, whilst others embrace this grief which is an incredibly therapeutic process. Grief is a process that everybody goes through differently, and as a result, if this happens to you, you shouldn't feel that you have to go back into the real world just yet. Take time to process it, after all, we process it in our own way, and we are all different. If you really struggle, there are people on hand such as The Samaritans who can help to see us through our darkest times. Remember, it's okay not to be okay!
Stress is a big part of life nowadays, but the trick is to learning how to cope with it. With enough practice, using breathing exercises and calming techniques, you can teach yourself how to remain calm in almost any situation. Obviously the big events in life will cause more anxiety and indeed you might find that you struggle, but just remember that you are only human and that these things take time.

*Contributed by Sam Jones. *Image via Pxhere

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