Become Body Confident - 5 Tips That Might Help You Along The Way*

*This is a collaborative post*

I'm not particularly fond of clothes shopping, don't get me wrong, I love clothes - I think most girls do - and I often come across various gorgeous pieces that I lust after, but none of them ever seem to look right on me. Indeed just this weekend - motorway closed and stressed out - we decided to stop off at the local Sainsbury's to pass some time while we waited for the traffic to die down. My boyfriend encouraged me to try on some clothes and to avoid choosing anything black... :) Yes it is my go-to 'safe' colour like it is for many women. All I can say now is I really wish I hadn't bothered. I left the shop feeling fat and low. In my head I had looked disgusting, the mirrors had done horrendous things to my body and I swear they had also added several extra pounds to my waist. But the thing is, my boyfriend thought I actually looked nice. Go figure hey. And now I'm thinking back to it, some of the items weren't actually so bad. The problem - as is the norm with me - is my lack of confidence and this is an issue that I know also plagues many other women. 

So how can we boost our confidence and self esteem so that we don't beat ourselves up the next time we go clothes shopping? Here are a few pointers;

Ignore Size Labels

Size is just a number so don't get hung up on it. I've tried clothes on in various stores and what seems to be a 14 in one store will be a 12 in another. Your best bet is to try on several sizes of the same item and buy the one that makes you feel most comfortable. (You can always cut the tags out if it makes you feel better!)

Dress For The Occasion

You might think it odd to put in a huge amount of effort if you're just perusing clothes shops, but trust me you'll feel much better for it if you do. 
The mirrors in clothing stores are rarely flattering at the best of times. They seem to have the knack for highlighting every flaw right? And although it might seem like a waste of time getting all dolled up for a shopping spree - having a full face of makeup and styled hair - might give you that little bit of extra confidence when you're stood in front of ghastly full length mirror. I find it also helps when I wear high heels. This apparently elongates the legs and makes them look and feel slimmer.

Accept Who You Are

Acceptance is crucial if we want to be more body confident. If we can't accept ourselves for who we are then how can we expect anyone else to? Of course there's nothing wrong with trying to eat more healthily, working on becoming physically stronger or trying to lose weight, but these goals shouldn't consume our every day thoughts. Instead we should try to live a balanced life and focus on being healthy and happy. 

Wear The Right Underwear 

Invest in clothing and underwear that makes you feel good. It's no secret that many women are wearing the wrong bra size. If you haven't already had a bra fitting then I highly recommend you do so. Not only will wearing the right bra give you more support but you'll also feel more comfortable and confident. There are so many bras out there that it can be hard to know which to go for. I like to have various colours and styles so that I have an appropriate bra for every outfit but investing in a versatile bra like this means you'll be set for near enough every occasion. Knix have a selection of multi-task undergarments which are designed to give real women the upmost comfort and confidence! 

Quit The Negative Talk

Cut out the negativity. Instead of slating your body, try a few positive mantras. There's a saying I once came across that goes like this; What you tell yourself everyday will either lift you up or tear you down. (If anyone knows the origin please feel free to let me know!) If you repeat a positive affirmation enough times then it will eventually filter through to your subconscious mind and you'll believe it. 

Now I've given all of you a pep talk, I need to go practice what I preach! Wish me luck... ;)

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