Confidence Starts From Within: Switch Your Multi-Vitamins To Skinny Vitamins From Luxe Health*

*This is a collaborative post*

At the start of 2018 I made a decision to focus on more health and fitness related goals. As many of my readers will know, I spent the latter half of 2017 with recurring bouts of tonsillitis which meant that by Christmas I was just feeling completely drained. Of course full time work combined with full time blogging probably didn't help things but by December my energy levels were at an all time low and I was feeling quite frankly, a little fed up.
Not one to dwell on negativity, I decided that the new year would be the ideal time to set myself new goals, to put things in place to reduce my stress levels and to somehow get my health back on top form. I also wanted to lose a few pounds.

When I stumbled across Jenny Dixon and her newly launched brand, Luxe Health, it seemed like perfect timing. Claims for boosted energy levels as well as weight loss had me immediately intrigued. I also loved the company message that 'confidence comes from within,' because I believe it truly does. The ugliest duckling in the world could mesmerize and charm a room full of people by simply swanning in with confidence. 

A health business founded by Jenny in 2017, the company goal was as simple and clear cut then as it is now. The aim is to improve the lives and confidence of women everywhere with an all natural supplement product that delivers what it promises.

Weight Loss And Increased Energy Levels

The products themselves are supplements that work from the inside out. Not just your everyday slimming pills, Skinny Vitamins are a completely natural multi-vitamin, ram packed with natural ingredients and nutrients to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet to help aid you on your weight loss journey. Other added benefits include increased energy and improved general health. Points all round from me!

Improved Skin Tone 

Luxe Health also offer another supplement called Skin Luxe. This is as it sounds, a skin supplement which helps to give your skin a boost from the inside out. Again a natural product, the combination of collagen, vitamins and minerals work on repairing and boosting the skin from the inside out. Collagen is not just a necessity for our skin but for our bones and organs too. Taking this supplement when teamed with a healthy diet will help to prevent any more wrinkles and will also help to protect your organs. It's also worth noting that with the clever cellular rejuvenation, you'll even notice that stretch marks and cellulite appear less obvious. 

If like me you're looking to increase your energy levels and lose weight then I highly recommend you check out Jenny's products, especially the Skinny Vitamins. I'm yet to try the Skin Luxe but I'll update you as and when I do! :)

As for my other goals, pah, all the best laid plans right?? I've barely taken any time off from work or blogging unlike I'd promised myself, but that's set to change over the next few months. It has to change. Maintaining excellent physical and mental health is hugely important. I'm going to vow that from here on in I'll take better care of myself, please be sure that you all take care of you too!

N.B. Always speak to a health professional or GP before taking any form of medication or supplement. 

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