Changing Up Your Bedroom - Make The Most Of What Little Space You Have*

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When was the last time you used your bedroom just for sleeping? I thought as much. The bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most important and most used rooms of the house. Not only do we spend an inordinate amount of time in there whilst sleeping but it's also a place many of us go to relax, to escape the noise of the rest of the house, to practice yoga, to read, to watch TV, to get dressed, to work or blog or even just to play computer games. 
Not surprisingly, this means our bedrooms aren't always the relaxing, calming sanctuaries that they should be. They're often filled with clutter and household items that belong elsewhere.

Cluttered Environment, Cluttered Mind. 

I certainly spend a lot of time in my own bedroom. Like many, I can't afford my own property just yet so I'm living in the family (parental) home whilst I save and of course pay off my debts. As such, my entire life is pretty much crammed inside these four walls and as you can probably imagine, space is indeed a huge issue for me. My bedroom is not just my sleeping quarters, it's also my living and working area so it's definitely no sanctuary and I often feel stressed out just looking at it never mind being in it!

Currently my room holds my bed, two wardrobes, a book shelf, a large desk, a TV stand and a bedside cabinet. My possessions practically spill out and over every surface. Thirty five years of collecting and hoarding. Yes it's an actual nightmare and it's definitely not my idea of minimalist chic. Needless to say, it's high time I had a clearout and gave my bedroom a new lease of life.

Making The Most Of The Space

Making the most of what's available is of the uppermost importance when you're stuck with a small room. If your room was badly laid out in the first place then you might be able to move furniture around to improve on space. But if not, don't worry, there are other solutions at hand.

Downsize & Declutter 

The first solution is to downsize and de-clutter. As much as it pains me to say this, some stuff will have to go. You cant possibly go minimal if you intend on keeping everything. If you want to really make the most of your space then you're going to have to get ruthless and have a huge clearout. 

Your wardrobe is a good place to start. If you haven't worn something in a twelve month period then send it to the charity shop or do a clothes swap with friends. Same with any books. Yes I love my books and I can't bear to part with them but if I've read them once, how likely am I to read them again? Keep your absolute favourites but donate the rest to charity or a second hand shop or again, do a book swap with friends. I must take note to practice what I preach! :)

Organise any paperwork and place any important documents in a folder for safe keeping. 
If you have more jewellery than you know what to do with, get rid of the cheap costume pieces and if you have any precious metal such as gold or silver, why not cash it in at a local jewellers? If it's of sentimental value then definitely don't do this as you'll almost certainly live to regret it.

Invest In Multi-Use Furniture

The most dramatic change you can make in your bedroom is changing up the furniture. Getting rid of what you have to instead invest in a multi-use piece such as one of these beds from Dreamers Bed Centre will make a huge difference. An Ottoman bed is the ideal solution for those not wanting to lose space but also still needing storage. 

What an ingenious idea! You can fold all your clothes neatly into the space provided, and even store your books, thus losing the need for a separate wardrobe, chest of drawers or book shelf. Bonus. And if you really want to go to town, then plump for a TV Ottoman bed and you'll no longer need a TV stand either. Before you know it your room will be looking almost empty! Tidy room, tidy mind and all that. 

The Decor

A neutral colour scheme tends to create the appearance of a larger, fresher space. Keep it simple by adding a fresh coat of paint and then hang a large piece of art or a print on your focal wall. 
My sister and her other half recently gave their bedroom a makeover and I was really surprised at the difference made by simply teaming plain grey walls with a huge piece of art. Their room now appears much bigger and brighter. Of course you don't have to plump for one piece of art, I myself love to be surrounded by anything that stimulates my creativity, but be aware that opting for several smaller pieces of art could make your wall appear cluttered thereby spoiling the overall effect. 

Another great idea is to invest in a huge 'floor to ceiling' mirror. It doesn't have to be overly expensive or even fancy, but it will create the illusion of space and light. 
Speaking of light, if you're on a tight budget but want to create different moods, switch off the main light and instead place tealights in glass jars around the room. This will create a soft glow, perfect for any yoga sessions or when you're relaxing. Fairy lights strung along the headboard also look very pretty if you want to try alternative ideas and both of these suggestions cost very little and take up barely any space. 

Plants or greenery can really liven up a room and look fantastic against a neutral background. Houseplants in particular are also great for our health reducing the amount of toxins in the air.  

As an added extra, place scented candles or incense around the room for a lovely aroma. Pick scents to match the mood you're after. Lemon is known for it's calming properties and is great if you're feeling angry or anxious. Lavender is popular and is well known for it's calming effects whilst Rosemary is great if you have a headache or are feeling tired.

If your bedroom leaves you feeling stressed or agitated then why not try some of these suggestions? If you don't have the budget to buy new furniture then I still urge you to try de-cluttering. You'll most certainly still see a vast improvement. 

*All photos sourced from Pexels and/or Dreamers Bed Centre.

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