Cleanse Your Backyard Aura: Turning Your Garden Into A Zen Space*

*This is a collaborative post*

Sometimes we all need a bit of respite from the modern world, and while a lot of us choose to sink into our couch along with the latest Netflix box set, there are actually so many other things you can do to put yourself into relaxation mode.
You could spend a lot of time changing up your interiors to create a more zen like environment, however the solution might actually lie outside the house and mainly in your garden. Creating a zen like space isn't a pastime reserved just for hippies, it's something that you can take advantage of if you've got a garden at your disposal. If you're lucky enough to have garden space then read on see how you can make the most of it.

Set Up The Space
It doesn't matter if you've got a sprawling space, or just a cubby corner, as long as you can set up an area big enough for you to sit down and distract yourself from the rest of what's going on in life. Setting up your space doesn't have to be a considerable task either, you just need to find a corner suitable enough to make your own so you can decorate it as you want. It's also important that you try to give this space a really relaxing vibe and this can be done by adding various features from small statues to water features.

Decorate Your Garden With Colour
To relax the senses you can add your own version or take on nature whether this be with plants or flowers. Be aware however that if you over-decorate with colour it will be too stimulating which isn't what you want, you should instead stick to basic plants and non-vibrantly coloured flowers which will calm the senses. If you are concerned about overdoing it then just keep it simple and this will also help to keep cost down. There are other ways to add colour aside from plants, you could opt for a small vibrant item of furniture or you could go for more rustic piece with additional items that will keep the aesthetic simple. Furniture is a delicate balance when you're trying to create a zen space. You want somewhere where you can sit back and relax, but you don't want too many decorations and you don't want it to be too uncomfortable. Luckily with furniture, you can easily decorate with cushions and throws to ease you into a relaxing frame of mind.

Make It Unique To You
We all have our own methods of relaxing. Some of us require total peace and quiet whilst others require a bit of background noise. Whatever your thoughts are on relaxation, be sure to make your garden as unique to you as possible. If you like music, you can set up a little sound system that plays relaxing music, or you can just take your phone and find one of the various YouTube videos that play meditation music. We all could do with a space where we can properly chill out. The garden, especially in the coming summer months, is perfect for relaxation so it's essential for you to make the most of it. And even if you don't have the best of weather, setting up a space for you to sit back and contemplate life, without all of the modern stresses, is something we could all do with.

*Photo via Pexels. Contributed by Sam Jones

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