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Hello all! I'm interrupting my normal blogging schedule to bring you one of my 'spontaneous catch up' posts because, well, I haven't done one in about a month so I thought why the hek not? Besides, you lot seem to like these kind of posts! :) Prepare for much waffle and rambling.

What to tell you? Blogging has been full on as per, I feel like I've been publishing content almost daily. Still loving it although at times I've felt a little tired. Comes with the territory of juggling blogging with a full time job though so I'm not complaining. I did my very first self assessment/tax return last week which was scary, daunting, terrifying and lots of other related words I can't think of right now. All I'm going to say is I'm glad I only have to do it once a year. At thirty five, I can honestly say it feels like one of the most grown up things I have ever done. Yes you can laugh but it's true. Goodness knows what I'll be like the day I go for a mortgage!!

In my personal life I don't have much to share, same old same old really. I took my eleven year old nephew to see Early Man, the latest Aardman movie, at the cinema last week which was a laugh. Speaking of which, an interesting (to me) but probably useless fact (for all of you), director Nick Park, went to my high school. And my dad actually taught him. I've always thought that this was pretty awesome. 

My middle nephew - star in the making - has recently auditioned and gained a part in a musical production which will be showing at the Lancaster Grand Theatre later this year. So very proud of him. I've told him I'll be sat front row, waving and holding banners, to which I've been told a great big fat no. Apparently - now he's eight and so grown up -  this would embarrass him hugely! *Insert laughing emoji!!* Check out the first ever post written by Isaac's dad here.

In other news... The Spice Girls are reuniting!! Who's excited at this other than me? They've always been my favourite band so I practically leapt out of my skin when I heard this today!! 

Nothing much else to tell - oh except that I've been poorly and on antibiotics again. Four out of five months now. Anyone else been struggling with their health lately? I'm really trying to add all things healthy to my diet, drink more water and get more sleep but I've seen no difference as of yet. I'm open to suggestions if any of you lovely lot know what might boost my immune system.

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy all the forthcoming posts, there's plenty trust me. I'm chasing my tail trying to keep up. If you're looking for other blogs to read then I highly recommend my friend Aimee's and keep an eye out for new blogger, A Classic Gent who writes for GirlGoneDreamer on a regular basis. This particular tips post for anyone starting a business is one of my faves! Sending much love until my next catch up xxx

Not the most flattering photo of me
but I love that 
I look so happy here
which I really was, out and about
feeling festive with the BF! 

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  1. Thanks for the mention, honey. Sorry to hear you're still poorly - have the doctors not given you any idea what's causing it/how you can get better? Hope you feel better soon! x x


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