Hair Removal: Let's Get Beach Body Ready*

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The warmer weather is not so long off now - or so I hope, we do live in Britain after all, - and with this will come the gorgeous Spring /Summer fashion. I'm talking shorts, skirts, bikinis... The average woman's nightmare! The majority of us will have hibernated through the Winter months in trousers and tights, myself included, which means in a few weeks we'll suddenly be in a frenzy trying to get our legs and bodies beach ready at the last minute. Cue many trips to Boots stocking up on razors, hair removal cream, moisturiser and fake tan!

There are various hair removal systems available, some with better results than others.

Shaving as we all know, is quick and easy but the results are short lived and before you know it you've got stubbly regrowth appearing within a day or two. It's also a chore to keep up with.

Hair removal creams are a painless solution with results lasting anything up to four weeks. Many of these creams also exfoliate the skin at the same time which means you'll have gorgeously smooth skin afterwards. The downside is that removal creams contain chemicals which may irritate the skin. 

Waxing is a great option if you don't mind mess and the discomfort. I prefer to get this done in a beauty salon so I can lie back and think of England while the beauty therapist does her thing. Waxing is suitable for nearly every body area and will give a longer lasting and smoother result. Regrowth usually takes four to six weeks to appear.

Laser hair removal is a little more costly than the above yet the longer lasting results make it completely worthwhile. One of my colleagues has had laser hair removal on several areas of her body and she's constantly raving about the results. 

This procedure involves pulses of laser light being directed at any unwanted hair. The energy from this - light converting into heat - damages the hair follicle, preventing the follicle from producing further hairs. It's a procedure that is suitable for the face, legs, arms, underarms and bikini, on all skin complexions and on both men and women over the age of eighteen. 

Some of the benefits of laser hair removal include permanent hair reduction, the reduction of ingrown hairs, smoother skin and of course, not having to shave or wax. It's worth noting before you commit that the procedure will only work on hairs that are actively growing and as unfortunately our hairs grow at different rates, multiple treatments will be needed. Thankfully the long lasting results are worth this.

Depending on your individual pain threshold, during the procedure you'll either experience discomfort or a certain amount of pain, but what's that saying? No pain, no gain! Just imagine not having to shave all Summer.

The Liverpool Street Clinic on Fenchurch Street in London is just one Pulse Light Clinic offering free consultations if you wish to explore the option of laser hair removal. You can contact them on 0207 593 8055 or by filling in their online form and if you'd like to learn more about hair removal then watch this video via Pulse Light Clinic. 

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