Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Lifelong Memories*

*This is a collaborative post*

Christmas is a time known for giving as much as receiving. And yet you might be tired of spending a ridiculous amount of money on popular toys for your kids or luxury items for your family members when those things often end up forgotten amongst a pile of other gifts. Of course you're going to be fed up with that! But Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive in order to be meaningful. That doesn’t mean consumerism should be avoided and that a hastily hand-drawn card is the answer, but you do need to put some thought into the gifts you buy if you want to really make an impact on the lives of your loved ones. Here are some unique Christmas gift ideas that will help you form lifelong memories.

Take a trip.

There’s no better way to make lifelong memories than by taking a trip with your loved ones, whether it’s a gift for your parents or an old friend. Whilst it may not be a tangible present that they can unwrap, it’s certainly a present that will stick around in their minds. It doesn’t have to be a sunny vacation at some beach resort (unless that’s how you think the person in question might want to spend Christmas). You can switch things up for this festive vacation.

You could go on a festive trip to the Christmas markets in your local town or city and treat your loved one to food and other gifts whilst there. But if you want to think outside the box then you could even look into getting flying lesson gift vouchers for the family member or friend who likes to live on the adventurous side of life. Whatever the type of trip, the goal is to treat your loved one to a day (or a few days) that they won’t ever forget.

Bake some festive treats.

Christmas isn’t all about food but that’s certainly a perk. If you really want to give your loved ones a thoughtful gift, then some homemade baking is definitely the best option to take. A batch of Christmas cookies with quirky iced designs is certainly the type of gift your dearest friends and family won’t forget in a hurry. The great thing about baking is that you’re in charge of the design so you can personalize it to suit your loved ones.

Add the personal touch.

Finally, the best ideas for Christmas gifts are personalized ones. It’s hard to tell you exactly what to get for your family or friends because you know them better than we could. In terms of guidelines, however, you could go for something like home-brewed beer or hand-knitted clothing. Still, you don’t need to be an incredibly creative artist to make a handmade gift for somebody. You could pay a chocolate company to put a customized message on some festive treats, for example. It’s all about the personal touch, at the end of the day. Even a picture frame with photographs of all your best memories with a loved one is a deeply thoughtful and sentimental Christmas gift.

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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