Love On Four Legs*

*This is a collaborative post*

From the second I first clapped eyes on the fluffy bundle that was our German shepherd puppy, I knew I was in love. The day we met, he showed no apprehension as he came bounding over to me - all paws and ears which were far too big for his body! And as he tried to clamber up to my face to kiss me with his tiny prickly, tongue, it became clear that this was the beginning of a very special relationship. 

Don't get me wrong, I've loved all of our dogs. They've all been a huge part of my life and each was special in their own way. But none have had me in hysterics quite like Kaiser, or I should I say, none have had me wrapped around their dew claw quite like him. Kaiser certainly knows how to get what he wants from me that's for sure. 

To look at him if you saw him out and about, you might be standoffish. He is by all means, a very large and powerful dog and yet he is pure love on four legs. I swear at times he doesn't even think he's a dog. My mum says it's because I've talked to him so much as if he's another person. He certainly talks and will cheekily argue and answer back when the need arises. Oh and he always wants the last word which means we very often get a cheeky grunt or heavy sigh as he plops down into his bed. If you're not a dog person, you might read this and think me crazy, and yet if you're a dog owner, there's a very high probability that you'll know exactly what I'm talking about or that you'll even relate.

People often talk about their pets and their quirks and Kaiser most certainly has his alright! Can you believe that he won't drink his water unless he sees me actually changing it? I think he's got a touch of my OCD!

All jokes aside, the reason as to why I love Kaiser so much, it's simply because of how much he loves me. No matter how awful a day I've had, no matter how low I've felt, Kaiser has always greeted me as if he hasn't seen me in months and you know what? It's a really incredible feeling and I will never get tired of it. He really is pure unconditional love on four legs. They say a dog is a man's best friend but Kaiser is definitely mine. When I had my mental health breakdown, it would be the little things that would get me through the day and it's safe to say that Kaiser played a huge role in this. You know you've made a friend for life in your dog when they instantly sense something's wrong and precede to lick away your tears before sitting by your feet for the evening, never once leaving your side. 

Of course as much as I highly recommend a dog for companionship, love and loyalty, I also firmly believe that any animal is for life and not just for Christmas. With any pet comes responsibility and cost, none of which should be taken lightly before you take the plunge and commit. According to Argos Pet Insuranceone in three pet insurance customers need to make a claim on their policy each year for unexpected vet bills. Bearing this in mind, if you are considering giving a home to an animal, it may be sensible to consider taking out pet insurance. I don't even want to reveal how much Kaiser's last vet bill cost but you can safely say that the plastic said ouch! 

Kaiser - in human years - is eight years old now. I don't know how old that makes him in dog years as I've never gone by that to be honest. I can definitely say that I don't know where the last eight years have gone, the time has simply whizzed by. No doubt as Kaiser gets that little bit older we'll be making more frequent trips to the vet. All the more reason to look into pet insurance! 

In the meantime I shall continue to both enjoy and be amused by him as he knocks baubles off our Christmas tree! Merry Christmas from both of us.

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  1. Aww what a gorgeous doggo! I know what you mean about chatting away to your pet like he's a human. I do the same with my cat. x x


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