My Kind Of Wedding*

*This is a collaborative post*

My actual wedding will probably consist of running away to elope given how anxious and worked up I get at social gatherings. But in an ideal world, my anxiety wouldn't be a thing and so I'd have my dream 'Winter Wonderland' wedding complete with Christmas elves. No really. I'm being serious! ;)

The Dress

Possibly the most important decision any bride will make - after settling on the groom of course - is the dress. Everything else will revolve around what you wear, even down to the mens pocket handkerchiefs. It'll also be staring at you from every wedding photo for years to come so it's crucial it's picked carefully. 
I change my mind every time I see a particular dress, but I'd love something with a fitted bodice and attention to detail such as lace or crystals. Nothing too big or outlandish though, I'd like understated elegance. Oh and I've also always wanted a tiara and veil. 

The Transport

I'm not too fussed about this really but it would be quite magical to have a horse and carriage. Although it would probably be cold and would mess up my hair and makeup so on second thoughts... maybe not. What would be most fitting for me - ahem - would be a sleigh pulled by reindeers, hardly think my groom would go for that though. A beautiful car such as a Rolls-Royce would work just as well so long as it had the traditional ribbon attached at the front. 

The Venue 

I'd definitely like to get married in a church but I'd like it to be a big old version, like the kind you see in the movies with really grand architecture. The after party would be anywhere that would allow me to go all out with my Christmas paraphernalia! :) In all seriousness I'd love it to be in a gorgeous hotel so that people could stay overnight or perhaps even in a castle. There's something magical about an old castle filled with history. I'd love to get married in the Lake District. I think it would certainly make for a beautiful backdrop in the Winter time.

The Extra Added Essentials 

I'd love it to snow but obviously the weather can't be controlled. Christmas decorations would be a must as would confetti, (the stuff you throw), and I'd also have pretty fairy lights hung everywhere to make the place look that little bit more magical.

The Music

For the church, I'd love a choir. A proper 'all boys choir' singing Christmas tunes such as 'O Holy Night.' In fact I'm going to see a choir like this in just two weeks at the Lancaster Priory's Christmas Concert. Should be a lot of fun! For the after party I'd just like a bit of a boogie so a DJ would do just fine provided they'd be willing to play my favourite festive tunes.

The Guests

Obviously I don't do well at social events and as such I wouldn't want hundreds of guests, but it goes without saying that I would want my nearest and dearest next to me on my special day. My best friends, my family, my three amazing nephews... I'd be happy just seeing them all dressed up and having a good time.

Who knows what my actual wedding day will look like though?! In all seriousness I could very well end up on a beach somewhere, just me, him and a couple of witnesses. Or maybe I might never get married? No-one knows what's just around the corner. But until tomorrow, I'll still keep dreaming of my Winter Wonderland. 

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