Being Single At Christmas*

*This is a collaborative post*

Christmas -  for many of us - is a time of joy and happiness. It's the season of goodwill to all, a chance to spend time with our loved ones. For loved up couples in particular, it can be a hugely special and romantic time. However, there are also many folk who are single and as such are feeling a little lacklustre about the forthcoming festive season. Whether it's the prospect of another family interrogation over Christmas dinner... 'When are you going to get yourself a proper boyfriend?' or the thought of lonely nights in watching TV, it can feel a little depressing. 
But fear not because it's not necessarily all doom and gloom! Being single at Christmas can actually be really great. Honest! You just have to look at the bright side of things and remind yourself why it's okay to be on your own.

Being single at Christmas means...

You don't have to answer to anyone. It's a fantastic opportunity to get out there and meet new people. 

You'll save money. Not only do you now not have a partner to buy for, but you also don't have to splurge on the in-laws either. Bonus.

You won't have to make small talk at the in-laws when you're invited over for the annual Boxing Day brunch.

You can go out and enjoy yourself, let your hair down and mingle at all the Christmas parties and social events.

You'll have sole possession of the remote control and therefore can watch whatever you want, whenever you want. - My personal favourite!

You won't have to shave your legs everyday! In fact grow your hair as long as you damn well like. Hello trousers!

You can have a slob out, PJ, chick flick fest - everyday if you like. Pig out and eat/drink what you want. We won't judge! :)

You can date who you want. No questions asked. 

So you see? Being single at Christmas can actually be great! 

Of course being single at Christmas doesn't mean that you have to rule out a bit of Christmas romance. I'm not suggesting for one moment that you suddenly make a beeline for your boss at the office Christmas party, that would just be asking for trouble! But if someone shows an interest in you, be it a mutual friend or colleague, then why not go out for a festive drink? And if that's not your thing, don't forget that there are also plenty of dating websites out there to try too; Buckingham singles, Cambridgeshire singles, Cardiff singles, London dating and Manchester dating. You don't necessarily need to dive straight into a relationship, but at the very least, you might get a romantic kiss under some mistletoe. 

Are you single this Christmas or are you all loved up? Only a couple of weeks to go until the man in the red suit arrives and I can't wait! 

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