5 Ways To Give Your Home The Luxury Hotel Treatment*

*This is a collaborative post*

Have you ever spent a night at a luxury hotel, and walked away thinking, “I could really live in a place like this”? Well, luckily for you, your dream might not be so ridiculous. No, I'm not suggesting that you pack up all your belongings and move into the Grand Plaza Hotel. I'm suggesting that you take some of the features of the world’s best hotels, and incorporate them into your home. It’s not as difficult as you think, as shown below.

Go Big With The Bathroom

The bathroom might, to some people, feel like a purely functional space, but it’s so much more than that. Remember, luxury doesn’t care about what’s functional: it’s all about turning the ordinary features into something beautiful, and indulgent. When it comes to modelling your bathroom, don’t hold back. Make sure you have a big bathtub, a large sink where you can pamper yourself, and other features, such as a heated towel rack. All the best hotels go big with the bathrooms in their rooms, and so should you.

Looking At The Entranceway

Take a walk into any fancy hotel. How long do you have to wait until you realise that you’re somewhere luxurious? It’s usually not very long, purely because the entranceway is so stunning. You can make sure your own entrance makes an impression for all the right reasons by adding things like polished concrete floors, works of art on the walls, and a grand lighting feature. From the moment you and your guests enter the home, they’ll be whisked away to a more luxurious space.

In the Bedroom

After the bathroom, the best thing about staying in a luxury hotel is the utterly over the top bedroom you get to call yours for the night. You can have this experience every night in your own bedroom, just by making a few changes. First of all, the bed: make sure it’s a good one, with sheets so comfortable that you want to stay there all day. If you have space, then a walk-in closet can recreate the hotel experience, too. Additionally, things like a seating area, entertainment options, and works of art can all make your bedroom a magnificent space to rest your head at night.

All About Lighting

Do you love the ambience of hotel rooms, and wonder how they get it so right? Well, the piano player they hire might have something to do it, but it’s also the lighting. Soft lighting - and lights that can be dimmed - can have a huge effect on the feel of a home. Add different types of lights, too, such as chandeliers, small side lamps, atmospheric lighting, and so on.

The Small Touches

Finally, remember that luxury exists in the small details. It’s the small, barely noticeable additions that can take your home to the next level. Make sure you’re loading up your home with things like flowers, candles, warm throws, and you’ll have a home that could rival even the more luxurious hotel outfits. 

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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