Web Marketing And Why It's A Must If You Want To Be A Successful Blogger*

*This is a collaborative post*

Many people come to me and ask me firstly, how do I earn money blogging, and secondly, where do I get the collaborations from. Well, the answer my friends is the same really for both questions. It's all in web marketing. When I create a blog post and include a link to a company or brand, I'm marketing on their behalf. It's essentially advertising. The same goes when I'm networking on social media. I'm actively selling myself to potential PR people and to new clients. When you get to the nitty gritty of it, advertising is really all web marketing is. 

I have come to realise only too well just what a powerful tool the internet can be and GirlGoneDreamer has certainly reaped the rewards over the last few months. The internet is a fantastic platform for communicating with potential clients. It's low cost, quick and efficient. Social media sites such as Twitter are definitely amongst my favourites. All that's often required is a quick 'tweet' followed by clever SEO or a few choice keywords and boom! Within a few seconds your target market will be reading your tweet and hopefully *fingers crossed* getting in touch. It's worth researching keyword research so that you get it right.  I've been lucky and have successfully landed many collaborations by using this method of web marketing. Your reach on the world wide web is relatively limitless. I have clients and a reader base that now span all over the world. 

If you want to be successful, to get your blog or brand noticed, then web marketing is an absolute must. Just publishing content, even if you do it consistently, is not enough. A company that understands this is Assertive Media. Their focus is on increasing revenue by utilising SEO as a marketing tool. Competition for work is fierce and as supportive as we all are of each other - or so I hope - we each are looking for opportunities. And for all the hours I spend creating posts, I spend nearly as much time actively scouring the net looking for blog opportunities, pitching to brands and marketing GGD online. I recently read an article on Forbes that I feel really hit the nail on the head. With all the choice that is out there, how does a consumer choose? I can relate to this. If hundreds of bloggers submit a pitch to the same client, how does the client choose? The simple solution there is that we, or rather you, can help them to choose. Put yourself out there, show them that you exist and that you're their best bet! You don't get if you don't ask, and in the same breath, you need to really sell yourself if you want to get noticed. If you don't feel confident at first, fake it until you make it. The blogosphere is an already oversaturated minefield but that doesn't mean you can't get noticed or make a success of your blog. You just have to be willing to put in as much effort and time into marketing yourself as you do creating your content. The proof as they say, will be in the pudding! Happy blogging lovelies! :)

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