The App That Can Answer Almost Anything

It would appear that there is now an app for everything. Perhaps you yourself are fond of using them? Or maybe you're sat reading this and you haven't a clue what an app is? An app is an abbreviation for the word application. It's basically a piece of software which can be downloaded onto a device such as a mobile phone. Designed to make life easier or provide you with information at the touch of a button or swipe of a finger, these days there are apps for booking dental appointments, for booking classes at the gym, for tracking how many steps you've taken that day, and even to tell you when you're due your period!
I've tried the Lady Cashback app which allows you to not just save money when you shop but to earn cashback too, always a plus! And I've also got an app which I use for scheduling my social media. I highly recommend this. But it would seem that I'm a bit behind the times with regards to all the others.
My colleague mentioned an app that she uses which is designed for vegetarians and it sounds fantastic. It tracks your location and then notifies you of vegetarian restaurants in your vicinity. There's one for vegans too.
Are you a fan of apps? Do you live your life by them? What are your thoughts on an SMS information service like Ask Bongo?

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