Planning For The Future*

*This is a collaborative post*

How often this month have you sat down by yourself and thought: what will I be doing next year? When will I have children? Will I get a puppy? We spend a huge chunk of our lives looking to the future rather than living in the here and now. It’s human nature to look to the future and hope for a better world, or dream about what our lives would be like if we won the lottery tomorrow.
Dreaming about the future is one thing, but acting upon our thoughts and planning aspects of the future is something which many of us haven’t quite got the hang of yet.
Now, that’s not to say that you need to go home and compare funeral directors or quit your job in hopes of a new career path. It just means that we should spend some of the time that we think about the future actually planning for it. You will never make your dreams for the future come true by doing nothing. You need to get up and take some action to follow your ambitions. If you plan on working somewhere different or taking a new career path, or maybe even running your own empire: you need to start planning. It’s not enough to wake up one day, quit your job and move on- it takes preparation and work to achieve what you want in life.
Your Job
If you are feeling unsatisfied in your career and feel as if you could be more use to the world somewhere else; you need to make a plan. What exactly do you want to do as a job? Write down the top 3 options you can come up with if you struggle to pick one. Next up; take some time to find out what qualifications you would need to go into these career paths, and how long the qualification will take to complete. Once you know, you can start looking at courses, price things up and start saving up. If you decide which one you want to do- take a course online alongside your full-time job. You’ll be earning a secure income while training to do something you love. And once you have qualified you can start looking for new opportunities.
Your Life
If you plan to get married, have children and live in a big house by a certain age: you can’t just sit down daydreaming about it all day, you need to act. If you already have a partner; make sure you show them every day how much they mean to you. Make them feel like the most important person in the world and give them all of your time. Things will happen naturally and you will eventually get a home, get married and share your first child. If you don’t; get yourself out there and don’t be scared to meet new people. You’ll never find the love of your life if you never go out and make the effort to get to know people.

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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