Success In Business: How To Build Better Relations Between You And Your Customers*

*This is a collaborative post*

In order for any business to succeed, a certain amount of revenue is required. And for this you usually require customers and happy ones at that. A happy customer will ideally return to use your services (or product as the case may be) again and again. 

So what defines a happy and satisfied customer?

This question is as long as it is broad and we could be here all day answering it. The answer of course will also depend on the service that you provide. 
If your business is in for example dentistry, then it could be that your patient has had a pain free appointment or that you've got rid of their toothache. If your business is in the investment market, then a satisfied customer is more likely to be the one who makes a decent return on their investment. Everyone likes a healthy profit do they not?

Regardless, if you want to be a successful business and to stand the test of time, you'll need to ensure that your customers are both happy and successful so that they choose to remain loyal to you. This is where customer success comes in. 

What is customer success? 

There are so many articles out there on this topic - believe me I've read various when trying to get my head around the customer success concept -  and most of them talk about it without actually giving a clear cut definition. But then I came across a feature on where the very definition was worded so beautifully yet simply that all of sudden it all became clear.

'The definition of customer success is simple – success occurs when your customers achieve the desired outcome through interactions with your company, either directly or through your product/service.'

Boom. That's it in a nutshell. No over-complicated, convoluted waffle necessary. Hallelujah! 

How can you measure customer success? 

All you need are the right tools for the job. By implementing customer success software you'll be able to gather data and monitor your customer's experience. Essentially this will enable you to see how well your client is using your product and/or service therefore showing where improvements can be made. There are several platforms out there now that provide this service including UserIQ. 
Once you incorporate the use of this software, you will start to build a bigger picture of the customer journey, hence enabling you to better assist. In the long term this will lead to improved, healthy relations and let's not forget, a happy customer talks, therefore proving beneficial for your business. 

Have you ever heard of customer success before today? Do you already use this within your company?

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