Christmas Couples: Introducing A New Partner To Your Family This Xmas*

*This is a collaborative post*

Christmas is the time for family, so if you’ve just found love what better time of year to take your beloved home to meet the family? I’m sure that your parents will love to meet him or her, and as everyone is always filled with cheer at this time of year, there will be very little that could go wrong.

If this Christmas will be the first time your partner meets your whole family, then it’s important that they are made to feel comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. Plus, you will have to remember that your family might be slightly nervous about this introduction as well. Thankfully, these tips can help any new partners feel right at home this coming festive period.


Give Your Partner An Idea Of Your Family Beforehand

It is understandable that your partner might be very nervous about meeting all of your family for the first time. So, it’s a good idea to tell them all about the people who they should expect to meet over the Christmas holidays. It’s also a good idea to mention the family dynamics so that they understand if any relatives don’t get on particularly well. This will make sure that they don’t say something that could put their foot in it at Christmas dinner!

Stick To Your Family’s Traditions

It’s important that you stick to your family’s traditions while you are home with your partner. So, if you always go and visit your grandparents who live at a retirement home like Porthaven on Christmas Eve, then you should continue to do so. Just this time your new partner will be there to say hello! Sticking to family traditions in this way ensures that no one feels like they have had their nose pushed out by your new partner. And it can make things easier for your family as well, as they know exactly what to expect from their Christmas celebrations - except this time, there will be an extra person celebrating with them!


Give Yourselves Time On Your Own

You should also plan in some time away from your family and just for the two of you this Christmas. That’s because you might find that your family can be a bit suffocating all the time, and you might be ready for a break from them over the whole holidays. In fact, being constantly surrounded by your family could end up being very stressful! So, you might want to take your new partner for a tour of the local neighbourhood just so you can have a couple of hours to the two of you.

Plan Time With Friends From Home

You will no doubt be very excited about introducing all of your friends at home to your new partner. It may be very hectic over the Christmas period, but it’s important that you try and plan in some meetups with friends as well as family. Yes, this gives you a chance to introduce your partner to them, but it will also buy you some time away from your family if they are starting to stress you out!

Merry Christmas!

*Contributed by Sam Jones

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