Too Hot To Handle*

*This is a collaborative post*

If you're looking to escape the cold with a winter sun holiday, then have a read of this and you'll soon be dreaming of jetting off to some exotic location!

We all have that one holiday photo right? The one that causes mass hysteria or that you show to every friend and family member. The one you love so much that you use it for every one of your social media profile pics! Well for me, this photo would be the one above of my nephew. Taken by my sister whilst holidaying in Alanya in Antalya, Turkey, it's my favourite of all the pics because it's such a candid shot and Isaac's expression is priceless! 

My sister and her other half had opted for Turkey after coming across a good two week all inclusive deal - and in the school summer holidays - so it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Note that the price went up just a few days later too, talk about dropping lucky! 

The holiday itself had been kept a secret from Isaac right up until the very last moment, it's something my sister thought they'd only be able to get away with once, and so they pulled out all the stops to keep it under wraps, only revealing the surprise once they got to the airport. Giddy with excitement, at first Isaac didn't even believe it was happening and kept asking if it was a dream. Little cutie that he is, Isaac rang me on the way to congratulate me on managing to keep the whole holiday quiet - I am terrible at keeping secrets! 

As for the photo, we're all Christmas lovers in our family so it was a given that when Isaac saw this sleigh, he'd want the obligatory photo. There were numerous statues in the centre of the town but the sleigh was a firm favourite. Isaac sat in it pretending to be Santa, not realising just how hot it was going to be (although he did find it very funny!) A little bit of Christmas in a 42 degree heat! Not quite the frosty Christmases we're so used to in the UK - or so fond of. 

Joelle said they couldn't have felt safer where they were or in the places they went to and that the hotel, Diamond Hill resort and spa, is one she'd recommend if you're looking for somewhere to book. There were so many nice restaurants nearby with really friendly staff, although sadly, the staff said they don't have as many English tourists since the terror attacks. 

Wether it was relaxing by the pool, Isaac - little fish that he is - spent lots of time swimming, or enjoying one of many day trips out, it really gave them two weeks of what they needed - uninterrupted family time. 

Although they'd go back, they try to book somewhere different each time just for variation. After all it's nice to give somewhere new a chance! 

On a final note, my sister says if you get the opportunity to surprise your child with a holiday then definitely do it!

Are you planning on taking a holiday soon? Would you go to Turkey?

*With thanks to Joelle for her help in writing this post and for all her input.

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