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 *This is a collaborative post* 
Anyone who has ever smoked can probably rhyme off a whole list of complaints that have been levied at them over the years from the people around them, be it the amount you're spending on cigarettes, the impact on your health or having to stand in the cold waiting with you whilst you smoke those last few drags outside the pub. However, if there is one complaint that is chief amongst these, it's the smell.
Those non-smoking friends love to let you know that cigarette smoke is pretty damn pungent to the non-initiated, as though this illuminating fact from Karen in Finance was going to be the missing piece of the puzzle to break the addiction, and whilst unfortunately, that's hardly the case, it does present a genuine reason to look for alternative methods of continuing the addiction.
Thanks to the vanity we all share, nobody enjoys being told they or their house smells, and even worse still, the knowledge that that expensive perfume you just bought was all for nought after that first cigarette in the morning. So the immediate knee-jerk reaction to overcoming the smell is to find an alternative, and usually that starts with menthol cigarettes. 
All power to those amongst us who can endure the sharp taste and burning sensation and still push all those dark thoughts about what this little stick of tobacco is doing to your body to the back of your head, but honestly, it's not worth the taste and frankly, it still smells pretty bad. 

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So where does all this lead? Well basically, for our generation, at least for the last ten years or so, there is a really great way to overcome this issue, and that's with an e-cigarette. Overcome would be an understatement frankly, because some e-liquids, like for example those available on Simply eLiquid with their flavours ranging from Minty, Fruity, Cola, Bubblegums... down to the mysterious but gorgeous 'Zoom Hizenberg', actually smell great, to the point that I've heard people asking what the flavour is and actually wishing they could try it themselves! (hint: don't try it if you're not already a smoker!) 
So, for all of you that are looking for a reason to make the switch, but can't identify with the long term health aspects or are immune to the forces of nature you've gotten used to experiencing from smoking in the winter, maybe losing the smell of tobacco and replacing with something those work colleagues and friends and family won't make so many frustrating complaints about is the switch driver for you. 
*Contributed by Jason Machin 

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