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I'm relatively new and definitely novice when it comes to anything related to interior design. However, I have always appreciated finely decorated homes and over the years have built up an idea of the kind of man cave/study type room I would like to have and how I would like my dream house to look. I am always looking in shops and online stores for pieces, I love looking in antiques shops, mainly for rustic furniture; frequenting boutique interior designers as can be found in the Lake District, for inspiration as much as anything, being that I am lacking in home design experience. If I had to describe my taste, I would say I like traditional and classy pieces and styles, an example of this is evidenced by my absolute steadfast love of Chesterfield armchairs and sofas (yeah I know in some ways I'm an old man); in my humble opinion they just encapsulate the charm and rich vibrancy of a bygone age.

I also love old cabinets and tables as well as desks and such like. On the contrary I also like modern pieces and approaches to home living too. I'm huge fan of the creative utilisation of lighting and the use of spotlights in particular really appeal to me. That said, I do appreciate a fine chandelier, but for my busy lifestyle at the moment I would struggle to find the time to keep them looking sparkling. Spotlights look cool and can be used to help create an ambience to suit one's own personality or mood.

Another more modern concept is that of the Lazy Boy recliner chairs which are the ultimate in relaxation and comfort but unfortunately with a price tag that usually matches the reputation. Relatively recently I stumbled across an online home living retailer which sells Lazy Boys at a much more reasonable rate than I have found elsewhere thus far in my search for furnishings, so that is promising. Another contrast between the modern and the traditional could be articulated by my appreciation for the ‘less is more' minimalist feel in living quarters of a home; light colours, spacious, warm. However when I think of a study I am more inclined towards the more traditional, cosiness, dark woods, books scattered here there and everywhere. Although that said there are some beautiful concepts in modernistic home study design for sure.

Regarding a drinks cabinet I have seen some really cool faux antique style ones which are designed as an antique globe which opens to reveal the space to store spirits and glasses etc. I am keeping my eyes peeled, I don't really know why but I’ve always loved looking at maps of the world and atlases from being a youngster. I love thinking about the places I’d like to visit and reflecting on prior travels and experiences. I guess in a way it offers a slice of escapism when I look upon a globe.

As an aside, I promise you that I harbour no desires to wear a monocle whilst sitting at the afore mentioned (yet to be purchased) desk, spinning the globe while stroking a cat and pondering my plans for world domination. Maybe it's just a love of Geography; I did study it at University after all and since the age of 4 or 5 years I have been reading newspapers (at that tender age, my father's papers) about events around the world.

As explained having a slightly eclectic mix of tastes from the modern to the traditional, it's actually very useful to be able to shop online with a store whom actually cater to different tastes. Often it can be hard to find classic styles in modernistic home living stores, but LionsHomeUK has a really extensive and broad range of all things to do with the home.  Shall keep posted with any interesting developments, if I find a missing piece of art worth millions for instance. It's definitely fun for me being interested in fine things to be able to create a space I'm happy to live in. 

*Written by Michael David.

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