5 Ways To Meet The Love Of Your Life*

*This is a collaborative post*

Finding your ideal partner requires time and effort, and as my mother has always said to me, you won't find yourself a man if you don't put yourself out there. He isn't just going to come waltzing up the drive and knock on the front door. So unfortunately girlies, (and guys if any of you are also reading,) as delightful as hibernating through Winter may sound, it won't actually get us anywhere on the relationship front.

It's likely that you'll date several wrong fits before you find that all elusive someone, so don't panic if you still haven't found your perfect match. I truly believe that there's someone out there for everyone and you have all the time in the world. It's never too late for love! :)

On that note, here are five ways in which you can indeed 'put yourself out there' and hopefully hit it off with the date of your dreams...

Speed Dating

For those who lead super busy lives and want to meet several singletons in one go, speed dating is the perfect solution. With only a few minutes at each table before the bell rings and you've to move on, I'd recommend mentally preparing questions so you don't waste a single second. You never know, you could be sitting across from your future spouse.

Online Dating

There are plenty of online dating sites to choose from nowadays. You'll be familiar with the likes of POF, Tinder and Perfect Harmony but there are also so many more once you get Googling! Strathclyde dating site, Essex dating site, over 50s dating Tayside, over 50s dating Cardiff and over 50s dating Edinburgh are just a few examples. 

Match Making 

Ask your friends to match make for you. Many relationships have begun through the whole meeting 'a friend of a friend' scenario. N.B. This is not your cue to start scrolling through your brother's Facebook friends list! ;)

The Good Ol' Fashioned Way 

I would always advise going out and sticking with a group of friends for this one. Safety in numbers and all that should anything go pear shaped. Whether you choose to go to a bar, pub or night club, have the confidence to chat to anyone you're attracted to. If you're feeling shy, ask a friend to pass on your number.

Through A Mutual Interest Or Hobby 

This is one that often gets overlooked and yet surely a common interest is vital for the foundation of any successful relationship? Whether you're an avid reader, tennis player or huge Strictly fanatic, finding someone who has the same interests as you will ensure there'll be no awkward silences. Have a gander in your local newspaper and online to see if there are any local book clubs, sports clubs or beginners dance classes. Maybe you might even fancy going back to college to study a subject that has always fascinated you? Why not look into adult courses at your local education establishment?

Whichever of these you decide to try, above all, be yourself, be safe and have fun!

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