Serious Home Working Career Options And Why They Just Might Be The Best Thing You Ever Did*

*This is a collaborative post*

There was a time when if you told people that you worked from home, you'd be greeted with disapproving or sympathetic looks and that age old annoying question of 'When are you going to get a real job?' Perhaps this was because up until a few years ago, working from home didn't seem like such a viable, serious career option or one that people considered worth discussing. 

Luckily, folks have now seen the light and have realised that a successful career isn't dependent on spending twelve hours in the office with co-workers that you may or may not like. So long as you have the drive, devotion and passion, working from home can become a genuine and lucrative opportunity. Of course working from home has it's many other perks too! Read on to find out more.


As a society we are finally coming to realise the importance of having a healthy work/life balance. Working from home can be a great solution if you're someone who is guilty of never leaving the office. It's also ideal if you have additional commitments and feel otherwise held back. Whether you're caring for a sick or elderly family member, or looking after your own young, working from home could allow you the chance to also hold down an interesting and rewarding career. 
If you're someone who is struggling with the pressures of the rat race, possibly even experiencing mental health issues, perhaps removing yourself from such a stressful environment could be the perfect solution! 
Obviously one of the huge attractions for many is the time and money saved just by cutting out the commute. It's factors like these that are making working from home seem more and more enticing to a wider range of people.

Option 1 - Blogging

Of course, to ensure success working from home, you'll need to find the right job for you. Luckily, with the digital era now being so prevalent, communications are instant and accessible. There are all sorts of things you can do from the comfort of your spare room.

One such option is blogging. Having your own blog can be a truly rewarding experience. This is because it not only allows you to work from home but also allows you to write about things you love and are passionate about. If you're producing content that's of value to both you and your readers then it's a win win situation. Not only can you make money from a role like this, but you'll also gain much more job/life satisfaction than you would being stuck in an office working for someone else!
There are also a number of avenues that you can get into with blogging. There are many bloggers that go on to write books, once they have a following and people are interested in what they have to say. A lot of bloggers are looking into how to become a social media manager after running a blog, as they two are quite closely connected, with social media playing a part in any of your blogging. You could go into blogger outreach or working in digital marketing or advertising, as paid blogging is essentially doing advertising, with great writing skills, of course. So if you start out blogging as a hobby or with the intent to earn money, then there are a number of routes that you can go down to make more and more and be able to keep working from home.


Option 2 - Life Coach

Another great option for those that want to work from home is to invest in a life coach training course. Something like this can give you all the tools, practice, and theory you'll need to enable you to set up a business and coach others towards their own goals in life.


In fact, life coaching businesses are a great way to make an income whilst helping others. You can fit in your client sessions around other responsibilities and commitments such as child care. This makes it a great option for a career that is entirely home based.

Option 3 - Graphic Designer

Lastly, if it's the visually creative side of things that truly drives your soul, then why not consider becoming a home based freelance graphic designer? This is a role that allows you to solve problems visually, working for different clients on different briefs.


Graphic Design is quite a competitive field and provides a good amount of variety so you should never feel bored. Once you have a few gigs under your belt, you should find it easier to get word of mouth referrals - obviously if you do a good job. This can be a stable and interesting career and is perfect if you want to work from the comfort of your own home.


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