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There are few things in life that are more sumptuous, luxurious and indulgent than spending a couple of nights in a chic, boutique hotel. So what if I told you that I could help you stay in the lap of luxury every night? Well, I'm going to show you how. With just a few simple tweaks here and there you'll be able to transform your bedroom into a luxurious, beautiful boudoir. Read on to find out how.

Bed Linen

Old and tired bed linen is the first thing that will make your bedroom look drab and boring. Investing in some beautiful new bed linen is one of the best starting points when looking to transform your bedroom.

To step up to the mark and take your bedroom up to hotel level you will need to invest in a gorgeous new set of sheets. The linen in hotels tends to be percale or sateen so have a look at the different options out there for high quality, soft sheets. Try hotel linen specialists such as Richard Haworth. If you find a set that you really love we advise that you buy a couple of sets so that you always have a spare set ready whilst you launder the other.


Lighting is the quickest and easiest way to add a relaxing and romantic ambience to your boudoir. Harsh and bright overhead lighting is not conducive if you're after relaxing evenings or a sophisticated environment so lighting is definitely the second best area to look at when making any tweaks.

From bedside lamps to tall free standing lamps and decadent chandeliers, hotels always provide several and have them cleverly positioned around the room. This allows guests to be able to pick and choose, customising the environment depending on the mood they're in. You can do the same for your bedroom.

Create a cozy and warm mood by making sure you have a pretty bedside lamp that offers a low and relaxing light for reading. If you have two bedside tables make sure the lamps are matching to create an attractive balance.

Free standing floor lamps are then the next to look into. Look for styles that best reflect the personality of your room and consider the type of bulb that gives off the best kind of light. Rose coloured bulbs give off a pretty and soothing light, so this might be just what your bedroom needs to look pretty and feminine.

Floor Textiles

Having soft and warm textiles underfoot is very important when creating a chic and sophisticated feel to your sleeping space. You can have a lot of fun when looking at bedroom rugs as these are great items for mixing and matching to create a fun and eclectic style that reflects your individual personality and style.

Boutique hotels are all about soft, warm rugs so materials like sheepskin are a great material to replicate that gorgeous hotel vibe. Shop for rugs that you love and then play around with how you organise them on your floor. Maybe you fancy placing them all around your bed, so that every time you get in and out of bed you will feel the soft, furry fabric between your toes.

Plump Pillows

Hotels spend a huge amount of time considering the best and most beautiful pillows to showcase the bed as the main feature. Because the bed is the focal point for any bedroom, gorgeous pillow combinations are the best way to bring this feature to life and make your bedroom look as comforting and inviting as possible.

Think about the purposes of different shaped pillows. Look at large squares, or as they call them in the world of hotel hospitality, ‘Euro Pillows’ for propping up against the back of the bed. These are the pillows that are used to create the foundation for your pillow combination so the bigger and plumper, the better.

Then look at layering other pillows in front of those back pillows. Look at interesting colour contrasts and complementary textures, patterns and shapes to create a truly chic, super luxe style to your bed.

Lotions & Potions

One of the best things about staying in luxury hotels is definitely the lotions and potions and other little extra treats that we find waiting for us in our luxurious suites. So why not create a similar pampering corner in your bedroom so that every night feels like a treat. Pretty little pots of hand cream on your bedside tables and a sexy satin eye mask hanging on the corner of your bed are little details that can make being in your bedroom feel like a luxury trip away.

This brings us to the issue of bedside tables. Obviously our bedrooms are not always going to have the same amount of space available as would a top hotel. However we should always be able to squeeze in a bedside table. Obviously if you have room for two, all the better, however if you are tight on space one is sufficient. On the top of your bedside table, you will then have that essential space for a lamp, a couple of pots of cream, a scented candle, with just enough room left over for a book or a magazine. Having life's little pleasures within easy reach will make your bedroom feel organised and special.

Beautiful Bathrobe

Another thing we all look forward to on a night away are the soft, fluffy hotel bathrobes. So this is another purchase that can bring the chic hotel lifestyle into your home. Lounging in over-sized and smooth bathrobes will make you feel like you’re on holiday, every day.


Curtains and blinds are also a detail that hotel owners really focus on that, that sometimes us homeowners overlook. Sumptuous, thick drapes in rich colours will add instant chic to any bedroom and are another way to add interesting and dynamic textiles to your sleeping parlour.  

Look for materials and patterns that best suit your style and the style of your bedroom and maybe even ask a curtain specialists to come and have a look so they can recommend what would best work in your home.

*This post was contributed by Sam Jones

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