My Dream Date Outfit*

*This is a collaborative post*

Every girl wants to look their best, especially on a first date right? After all, it's your chance to give that all important first impression. And even if you've been with your partner long term, it's still nice to get dressed up and go out on the town. Date nights are hugely important in any relationship if you want to keep the romance alive.

I don't know about you guys, but when choosing the perfect date outfit, there are two vital elements for me. 'How good do I look in this outfit?' and 'Does it make me feel more confident?'

Of course we all want to look good, but it's important that we choose something that also makes us feel good too.

On perusing OD's Designer Clothing website, I fell in love with this beautiful wine coloured dress. It'll look great against my Snow White complexion and will make a change from the usual, safe, 'go-to' black. The length is classy enough to make me feel ladylike, but the split up the front also adds a bit of 'ooh la la' sex appeal! And just look at the gorgeous neckline! At £75, it's a dress I'd be more than happy to invest in as I'd get plenty of wear out of it.

Womens Lavish Alice Midi Dress £75

It goes without saying that every dress requires the perfect accessories to finish off the look. And let's face it, what girl needs any more of an excuse than that to shop? :)

I seem to have become Ted Baker's number one fan as my 'go-to' choices for everything bar the dress were all by this label. I opted for the gold plated heart shape earrings and pendant because I wanted my accessories to be simplistic yet elegant.
Ladies Ted Baker 'Harly' Earrings £19

Ladies Ted Baker 'Hara' Pendant £29

The cute bag with gold detailing on the bow matched nicely with the gold themed jewellery, which is probably why I also loved these black leather shoes. Check out the contrasting gold heel! The £120 price tag is more than I'd usually pay for a pair of shoes but hey, this is my dream date outfit. I'm pulling out all the stops! :)
W Ted Baker Bag £70

Womens Ted Baker Shoe £120
One of the best things about shopping online is that you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. Usually in my case - pj clad and glass of wine in hand. If I can avoid battling busy shopping arcades then I usually will. 

If you love this look then you'll be happy to see that I've included all the relevant links below each photo. 

Date night or not, OD's Designer Clothing is well worth a browse. I spotted several other items which could quite easily have made their way into my shopping basket. If any of you are attending any Spring/Summer weddings in the near future then you should definitely have a peruse of the dresses section. 

Hope you enjoyed this post. It's the first I've done in this style and it was soooo much fun! Do let me know if you approve of my date outfit or if indeed you spot anything on the website that you'd like to purchase for yourself! :)

*Collaborated post 
All photos taken from OD's Designer Clothing website

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  1. Such an amazing post! You would look absolutely incredible in this outfit! I especially love the wine coloured dress!

    Love, Amie ❤
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