Light Up Your Life With Festive Lights*

If there’s one thing I have to have in my surroundings then it’s got to be pretty lights and inspirational pieces. I’m especially fond of fairy lights and the alphabet letters I’ve seen popping up on every other blog post of late.

If you’ve ever watched any Zoella videos then you’ll surely have seen the humongous Z lit up in the background? Although stunning, Zoe’s is also a tad on the large side for my living space. Lucky for me I stumbled across these rather more perfectly sized ‘Light Up Circus Letters’ from Festive Lights.

Designed to bring a touch of Hollywood glitz and glamour to your home, they can be used both freestanding or hung up. Being battery operated means I’ll have no trailing cables and at £9.99 a pop they’re definitely more within my price bracket! The classy matt white finish will look super pretty dotted around my bedroom and who knows, if I start making YouTube videos then they might make an appearance in the background there too!

If you’re prone to leaving your electrical items switched on then have no fear! These lights come with a timer function so they’ll stay illuminated for six hours, turn off for eighteen and come back on at the same time as the previous day. How awesome is that? If you want to get really creative, as well as the entire alphabet, Festive Lights also stock that all important hashtag plus a variety of symbols such as a moon, star and heart.

Interestingly, Festive Lights also feature some fantastic ‘Do It Yourself’ posts if you fancy having a bash at making your own. If you do check out the website then make sure you also have a watch of the video, ‘Out of the Dark: The History of Lighting.’

Watching it got me thinking. I suppose we’re all a little guilty of taking for granted the fact that we can just walk in a house and flick a switch. Light, heat, in fact all our basic everyday essentials are so readily available but this obviously wasn’t always the case.

Whether it be fairy lights on our Christmas trees, lanterns hung in our gardens or indeed these decorative alphabet letters, these days we use lights literally everywhere for decorative purposes. I think this is pretty incredible when you consider that at one time light was used for purely functional reasons. The video highlights just how far we have come since the days when the only light source was the sun.

If you love pretty lights then do have a peruse on the Festive Lights website. If you also like a little bit of history then have a read of some of the other posts such as ‘Who Invented Christmas Lights?’

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  1. Very pretty lights and I love the setup in the pic :)

    1. Aren't they pretty? I need a whole bunch of letters to spell out GirlGoneDreamer! 😍🙌🏻 Xx


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