Good Times

Hello lovelies. How are you all? I've published quite a lot of content on GGD over the last few days including some guest posts so today is all about me just catching up with all of you. Put the kettle on and prepare for my rambling. :)

April has been good to me so far. In fact no. I take that back. It's actually been bloomin' brilliant! I do tend to get a tad skeptical or anxious when things are going this well because it usually means something bad is lying in wait around the corner. But here's hoping not. (Must make a mental note to be more positive.)

So what's been happening in your world? I've been working hard on GGD, reaching out to brands and blogging agencies. I swear I hardly seem to sleep these days but collaborations are starting to roll in 
on a regular basis so it's been worth it. If you'd have told me when I began this little blog that in two years I'd be getting paid to publish my content I'd have laughed. Just goes to show...  

What else to tell? I've received some lovely gifts lately. One of which is the most beautiful red Dune bag I have ever seen. I am one lucky girl let me tell you! In fact it's so pretty I'm going to have to do an outfit post in the near future just so I can show it off. Of course this means you'll also have to deal with seeing my ugly mug but hey we can't have it all now can we? :)

I'm looking forward to my long Easter weekend. Hopefully we'll get some sunshine so I can make the most of it and head to the Lakes. I imagine myself one day living up there in some quaint, idyllic cottage. Didn't Beatrix Potter live in the Cumbria region? Maybe it's a writers thing!?

What are your plans for Easter? That's all from me for now. Happy weekend xxx

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  1. I could totally picture you living in a lovely cottage, near the woods or a lake. Hehe! Can't wait for your outfit post, honey! x x

    1. Ha ha and I'd have little dinner parties! I'd invite you of course! 🙌🏻 X


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