How To Fall Back In Love With Blogging

If you're reading this then you're either a) one of my loyal lovelies (thank you) or b) you've grown tired of the blogging game and are looking for some motivation on how to get your mojo back. 

Blogging isn't always fun but it should be. If you're feeling like you have to force content, if it's become a chore or even if you're feeling disheartened because your views aren't all you want them to be, you need to take it back to basics. Ask yourself this, 

'Why did I start blogging in the first place?'

Was it for fun? A hobby? Was it with the aim to launch a brand or a business? A new career? Is it your own writing platform? Whatever the reason I'll bet when you initially started out that you were buzzing from it all the time. I know I was. Truth be told - please don't hate me - I still am. I simply love my little internet space. I love creating content and playing around with different ideas. I'm literally in my element. These days I probably spend as much time working on GGD as I do my day job and even though I'm tired, it honestly doesn't ever feel like work. Have you ever heard of that expression? 
'Find your passion and you'll never have to work a day in your life.' 

This is so true of blogging for me. If I got to do this full time I'd be one happy girly and yet it wasn't always like this you know? I wasn't always so euphoric. So what's my secret?

Put simply, I quit trying to be something I wasn't. I decided to blog for me and me alone, even if no-one else ever read a post again. 
I am having a whale of a time creating my kind of content. People say writers should write the book they want to read. Well I'm writing the kind of blog posts that I would choose to read myself. 
I've also stopped obsessing over numbers and now just allow myself to be pleasantly surprised if they happen to jump up one day. The odd tweet and comments here and there also mean so much. Hearing how a post has inspired someone or the emails thanking me for such a lovely, positive, happy internet space give me so much satisfaction.

Why not try one of these five ideas and see if they work for you?

1. Quit Comparing Your Blog To Others

You will never feel good enough trust me. It's human nature. This does not mean your blog isn't great! Keep at it.

2. Stop Obsessing Over Numbers

Seriously. It's not healthy. Track them if needs be for your media kit but just try and let go a little. 

3. Take A Break

Hands up if you are so obsessed that blogging and numbers are all you talk about every minute of every day to any and everyone! (Guilty as charged.) 
It's not healthy for blogging to be your only thing, your only outlet. I do love it yes but I also now make sure I have time away from it too. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that! Sundays are my 'official' day off from any blog related work. I make sure that by Saturday evening I've scheduled all my tweets so that I can enjoy having an actual life for one day of the week. It honestly makes me appreciate blogging all the more. Why not try having some time away if you feel like you need it?

4. Take It Back To Basics

Are you writing content purely for your own pleasure? Or are you guilty of trying to be too much like the blogger next door because hell, it's working great for them, they have 100k followers and you want to be just like that! Right? No no and no. You'll drive yourself crazy for starters. And where's the enjoyment in trying to be like someone else? Always write for yourself first and foremost. If you choose to write things that you're passionate about, it will not only show in the content but I guarantee you'll have much more fun putting a post together too. 

5. Try New Things

I've only just started working on collaborations lately and I can't believe it took me nearly two years to bite the bullet as it's actually so much fun!! It's given me a confidence boost and now I feel like anything is possible for GGD. The only limit is myself. Why not try reaching out to a brand or blogging agency yourself? Having deadlines and goals to work towards can actually be really motivating. 

Whatever you try, I hope if you're struggling with your blog that you get your mojo back soon. Remember that blogging should always be fun! If it's not then perhaps you need to look at why.

Sending you all lots of love...


  1. I really enjoyed reading this! I find myself getting too caught up in other blogger's layouts and my stats (I actually just wrote a blog post about it). It's like a vacuous warp that sucks you right in.

    I've enjoyed so many aspects about blogging...I just need to remember that. This did a good job of reminding me!

    Thank you!


    1. Thanks Steph. It's so easy to get caught up in the numbers. And I've been guilty of comparing my blog to others and tearing GGD to shreds. I'm learning how important it is to stay true to myself. It means I enjoy it more for a start. I'd be interested to read your post if you could send me the link xxx

  2. Great post hun. It's so true that sometimes you just need to take a break, even if it's only one day off a week, away from all blogging stuff, it can really help. Blogging should never feel like a chore! Really helpful tips - thanks for sharing! x x

    1. I had to take a break for a while last year, but once I got back into it I've not wanted to stop since lol xx

  3. Love this! Taking it back to basics is such a good idea. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  4. Taking a blogging break always works wonders for me. I remember why I started and why I love it so much.
    Thanks for being our Blogger Showcase hun. Lovely to have you.
    Morgan x

  5. I started out blogging for the sole purpose of publicizing an affiliate program...only I did it on the wrong site, because they considered it spam. I almost got shut down before I even got started. Anyway, some Aussie dude friended me on the site, told me what i did wasn't cool and that started a long distance friendship, it also brought my love for writing back, and I haven't looked back since, that was 11 years ago!


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