How To Create Your Ideal Outdoor Space Ready For Summer*

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No matter what you want from your back yard, rest assured that there are plenty of ways to achieve it. We all want different things from our outdoor space, whether it’s a tranquil place to relax, a zone where our kids can jump around and have a great time, or a place where we can entertain our friends over the slow, hot, beautiful summer months.

If You Want To Relax

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If you want to relax this summer, there’s no better place to do it than in your own back yard. Make sure that you have a good amount of fencing up so that your sunbathing can’t be overseen by any nosy neighbours, and ensure that you have plenty of comfortable shaded places where you can sprawl out with a book and enjoy the clean air and warm sun. If you want to make it even more peaceful then you could add a water feature like a small pond or perhaps even a fountain. Just make sure that you keep them clean by regularly fishing out any debris that lands in there and using substances like Cloverleaf Blanket Answer to clean up any algae.

If You Want To Entertain Your Kids

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Let’s face it: there’s no better way to entertain your kids than with a pool. Not all of us have the space or the money to be able to install an outdoor pool, but if you do then rest assured, your kids will never be able to thank you enough for it. If that’s overstepping the line a little for you, then why not go for a paddling pool instead? Your kids will be able to splash around happily to cool down in the summer sun, and if it’s a small pool you’ll be able to move it around so that you can keep your kids in the shade and out of the sun. You’ll probably appreciate being able to paddle in it yourself to cool down! But water isn’t the only way to keep your kids happy in your back yard - you could also go for a trampoline for them to spend hours bouncing around on. Just make sure that you forbid them from going on there for an hour after dinner - that could get messy...

If You Want To Socialise

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Finally, there’s no better way to enjoy your outdoor space this summer than by inviting your friends over and having the best time ever socialising out there. Invest in a decent grill so that you can make burgers and hot dogs (you could grill portobello mushrooms and mozzarella burgers for any guests who are vegetarians, or make some kebabs with peppers, mushrooms and courgettes). Make sure that you have a table to hold the food on a stable terrace, and that if you’re having a particularly noisy night then you invite your neighbours over too so they don’t end up complaining about any music or talking. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time out there during the day, go for an umbrella so people don’t get too sunburnt - heatstroke can really put a downer on a party.

*This post has been contributed by Sam Jones


  1. Love this - our garden needs some work on it really as we haven't done much with it since we moved in 4 years ago! Haha. We have a lovely BBQ and we and the neighbours often light it up over Summer - but out the front in the car parking area, not out the back! Haha. We sit on upside down canoes and use the bonnet of the car (covered with a cloth) as a table! x x

    1. I love a good barbecue! I dream of the day I can buy a little house/cottage overlooking the countryside. I'll be hosting regular barbecues in the summer then xxx


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