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Hello lovelies! Today is all about sharing some blog love. If you follow me on Twitter then you'll have noticed that I like to share my latest favourite blog reads with everyone. Of course I'm also aware that not everyone uses Twitter so I thought I'd use GGD to share five must read blogs that I've come across in the last few months. Curl up with a brew (or glass of wine) and enjoy.

1. thirteenthoughts

Paula's blog is now one of my regular 'go-to' reads. Whether she's talking beauty, lifestyle or blogging tips, her posts are always spot on and I love her use of photography!

2. HannahGale

I honestly think I must have been hiding under a rock not to have discovered Hannah's blog before now. She posts about fashion, blogging, beauty and life, (in fact just about everything) but the reason I love Hannah's blog most is because she always keeps it real.

3. poppiesinoctober

Erin's blog is simply gorgeous to look at. I love the layout, the photography and just like me, she loves to write. I was super excited when I read that she is writing a novel. She blogs about lots of topics including mental health, lifestyle, literature and motivation.

4. Flourishing Freelancer

Dani writes about writing. Literally. Her website is full of useful posts on how to be a better blogger and freelancer. If you're a writer, blogger or aspiring writer, go give this one a read.

5. Girl Untold

Girl Untold is so much more than just a blog. Created by Sarah who has suffered from various things such as mental illness, addiction, eating disorders and self harm. GirlUntold is a movement to share her story, empower women and tackle society's pressure to be, look, act and think a certain way. (Sarah's own words - how can you not love a motto like that? Go show your support and give her a follow.)

Have you any recommended blog reads to share? Please leave any links in the comments section below.

Justine xxx

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