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Let's Talk: Gilmore Girls

If you haven't heard about the new Gilmore Girls revival by now, then I have only one thing to say to you - hello where have you been?? If however you are - as I am - a huge fan, you'll probably want to get comfy and read on. If you haven't watched all four seasons of the revival, then be warned that this post contains many spoilers.
Firstly, can I please just hold my hands up right now and say to Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, "You cannot leave us like this!"

Sure on the one hand I kind of get it. In fact Amy and Daniel have been down right clever. The revival was written in such a way that we already know what's going to pan out next. History will no doubt repeat itself bar a few changes. But still! We want to see how Rory gets on being a mother. We need to see her get the happy ending with her guy. I'm not going to start something here but come on, we all know who her guy is. But it would be nice to see them get it together right?

I don't know about you lot but I had a love/hate relationship with the revival. For instance, I loved that Luke and Lorelai were still together. Yes? But I hated that Rory's character was reduced to being 'the other woman.' Come on!? She's been there, done that and bought that t-shirt when she got it on with Dean. It was bad enough watching the first time around, her carrying on behind Lindsay's back knowing that she could break up a marriage, but doing it again in her thirties!? And when she has come so far!? No. I didn't approve of this story line. Whether only human or not, we all know that Rory is a better person than this.

Certain scenes were awfully long winded and random. Stars Hollow: The Musical anyone? What even was that and why was it needed? Maybe if Taylor, Luke, Lorelai and a few of the other town members had performed then it might have had more appeal.
Then there was Yale's Life and Death Brigade. Although I completely got the sentiment behind this little reunion, it was the most peculiar thing to ever grace an episode of Gilmore Girls. For a moment I thought my mum had changed the channel and we'd been time warped into an episode of Doctor Who. My mum made me laugh out loud when she asked if I thought Amy had been drinking when she wrote that scene!

I missed the interaction between Lorelai and Sookie. They - to Gilmore Girls - are what Meredith and Christina are to Grey's Anatomy. It was nice to have Sookie appear for the final season but her absence was obviously apparent in the other three.

At times I felt like the script was slightly contrived, as if Amy and Daniel were perhaps trying too hard. But they needn't have worried, Lorelai and co pulled off this revival effortlessly leaving the audience wanting more. I would have liked to have seen more of other old favourite characters though and less unnecessary scenes.

Richard's absence loomed darkly over the whole revival. I don't think anyone would or could disagree with that. Of course it was going to be sad, knowing that the actor who had played him - Edward Herrmann - had tragically passed away in real life. The grieving we witnessed amongst the cast was probably a genuine emotional response. I do think that the whole cast did a fantastic job paying tribute to him.

I loved lots of things about this revival, in fact apart from the negative points I've included in this post, I pretty much loved all of it. Emily's story line for one was fabulous. I actually think after Lorelai, she might be my favourite character now! And Paris was pure Paris. She was everything I was expecting, older yes but still outspoken and funny without meaning to be. As for that scene where she booted the bathroom door in her high heels - pure Paris Geller class! I would have liked to have seen an actual Luke and Lorelai wedding where the whole town and Emily featured, but I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that. Maybe Kiefer Sutherland could actually show up next time too. Ha ha!

And let's talk about that ending. Most loyal Gilmore Girl fans will know that Amy had always wanted to end the original series with those four life changing words. Of course we never found out -until the revival - just what those four words were because Amy had famously left before the last series. If you have forgotten - yeah as if - Rory told Lorelai that she was pregnant. And so the story comes full circle.
No I screamed at the T.V!!!! (Not because of the pregnancy. Rory will make a wonderful mother.) But for it to end with the rest of Rory's life in tatters?! Why?? Lorelai sacrificed so much so that Rory could get an outstanding education and do so much with her life. Chilton anybody? Yale? Rory's dreamed, for years, of travelling the world and becoming the next Christiane Amanpour. So sure, she didn't get the job she wanted. In fact she was struggling to get any writing job in the revival. But so what? Would the Rory Gilmore we have come to know and love have really given up on that dream? I don't think so. Look how hard she fought to keep the Stars Hollow Gazette for pities sake! She volunteered to be the editor and on no pay! I did however like the idea that Rory was to pen a book aptly called 'Gilmore Girls.'

I suppose, to sum up, I felt a tad cheated somewhat. After watching Rory grow all these years, I wanted more for her. But maybe this is how it was always meant to be. Even given all Lorelai's efforts, to nurture, to create a better life/future for her daughter, and even after all Rory's hard work, maybe just maybe Rory was always destined for this. To come back and settle in Stars Hollow and do exactly what she is doing now. Maybe she was always destined to turn into her mum. Which isn't a bad thing I suppose. She is after all, a Gilmore Girl!

Happy Friday, happy weekend and happy December! 

Hope you enjoyed this post. If you're a Gilmore Girls fan then I recommend you check out Jemma of Dorkface's post here.

Lots of love xxx

Photos not my own.
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  1. You've basically echoed exactly how I felt about the revival! I was mostly satisfied, but now I'm thinking whether there will be more episodes, it seems a little cruel to leave us hanging like this!

  2. I really hope there'll be more! Fingers crossed xx


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