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Hello people! Another week has flown by and I'm sat at work typing this catch up post. Really need to get sorted with a laptop so I can blog on a more regular basis from home. It's not that I don't mind staying behind at work, it's lovely and quiet, but it goes so cold!!

My new iPhone SE arrived a couple of weeks ago and although I love the camera on it I have to say it's taken quite a bit of getting use to. The iPhone is just SO different from my old HTC. At first I was a little frustrated with it, the keyboard is tiny and everything about it feels alien but I'm slowly starting to love it.
I sold my old phone to one of those recycling places which I highly recommend if you're in need of some extra cash and also want to do your bit for the environment. It's a win win solution. Although I'm only receiving just shy of forty pounds, it's forty pounds that I didn't have before and will help with the cost of Christmas. Make sure you compare for the best price before you jump in and send your phone though, and some do charge for postage. I opted for Phone Recyclers because there was a downloadable label to cover postage and they offered a really good price compared to other sites.

I put the Christmas tree up at work on Wednesday evening to help me get into the festive spirit because although I'm looking forward to December, I've just not got that 'Christmassy' feeling yet.
What do you all think? It needs more lights but I love the pretty colours!

Jemma from Dorkface finished the header design for the new book blog and you can see it below. I think she's done a fabulous job. The blog itself should be up and running properly in the new year but I'll keep you posted. I'm still on the lookout for people who want to submit book reviews so if you're sat there saying 'I want to take part' then please email me on Obviously I can't pay you all as I'm flat out broke and on my DMP but if you're someone who just likes to be part of something and who loves to read, please get in touch. (The one thing I can offer is free advertising in the sidebar for the month your review is published.)

I've been working on my novel recently which is probably another reason why GGD has suffered this last fortnight. But the good thing about writing a book is that I get to do it longhand, curled up at home, glass of wine within reach. I can't really do that at my work computer. Slight confession though, 'Surviving Isabelle' has been put to one side for now and I'm working on something else. It's not that I wasn't enjoying SI but I wanted to attempt to write something more 'fun.'

Just a book recommendation before I dash. When I bought Writing Magazine a few weeks ago they were giving away with it, a copy of Katharine Grubb's 'Write a Novel in Ten Minutes a Day.' The title alone had intrigued me somewhat. I picked it up to read in my lunch break just yesterday and I have to say I'm enjoying it so far.

I'm off now to grab a glass of wine and settle down for the Gilmore Girls revival!

Wishing you all the loveliest of weekends xxx


  1. Yay, I love the new blog header. It looks great! Can't wait for the launch of the new blog, either. And I love what you have done with the tree, it looks great. x x

    1. Thanks lovely. I think Jemma has done a wonderful job. You ought to see my home tree. The work one has nothing on it ha ha! Xx

  2. Jemma has indeed done a fab job with the header for your new blog, I'm excited to read it when it goes live! Also loving the little snowflakes falling on your blog right now, getting all the festive vibes! Your work Christmas tree is looking fab, can't wait to get mine up! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey 💋

    1. Thanks Abbey. I'm looking forward to the book blog going live too although I'm also still looking for more contributors xxx

  3. I can't wait for the new blog either, even if I am just finding out about it in the first place! How fun! And I love the header and am so obsessed with the falling snowflakes. As a novelist and reader myself this is so exciting!

    Alisha |


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