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Hello all and happy September! This is a catch up post really as I haven't done much writing this last fortnight. Sadly my granddad passed away on Monday. He was 92 and not really getting much quality of life so it was for the best, but to lose both grandparents in the space of a year has been hugely difficult. It is, as I keep saying to my family and friends, the end of an era. I do realize how lucky I was to have known them both as long as I did, but I'm just missing them at the moment.

Moving onto a brighter topic, Jemma of Dorkface hosted her very first Girl Gang event last week and she did us bloggers proud! Although I couldn't be there myself, it looks like an amazing day was had by all. If you have no idea what I'm on about then check out this link to read all about it - GirlGangEvent. I really hope to be at the next one!

Last Wednesday was my birthday and as you can see from the header image I got some lovely goodies. I've been after the movie 'When In Rome' for AGES and my sister kindly ordered it for me!! Huge thank you to everyone who made my birthday special and for all the lovely messages.

Lastly, I can't end this post without mentioning a must read book. You may remember recently I was whining that I hadn't read a real page turner in ages, not since All The Bright Places and Elizabeth Is Missing anyway. (Both absolute musts btw!!) So you'll be glad to hear that I adored thriller, 'Girl, Missing' by Sophie McKenzie. I picked it up when browsing in The Works. I hadn't realized at the time but it's actually a YA novel. This didn't put me off because I am an avid YA fiction reader and once I started chapter one I was hooked! I'm not going to reveal any spoilers but the basic story line revolves around 14 year old Lauren and her quest to find the truth behind her adoption. Enough said. You'll have to buy it to discover more. You won't regret it honestly!

That's it from me for now. Happy Friday feeling and happy weekend to you all. I'm off for a muchly needed glass of wine and no doubt another Grey's Anatomy session! :) xxx

All photos my own except the Girl Gang image. Copyright remains with Jemma of Dorkface.


  1. Sorry for your loss, make sure you take extra time to look after yourself x

  2. Love this and I'll be checking out this book very soon

  3. So sorry for your loss hun. I didn't know :( You were so lucky to have known them as long as you did but that doesn't lessen the grief. Take time to look after yourself and remember the good times had with them; try not to focus on the loss, too much. I hope I'm at the next Girl Gang event too, it would be great if we could both go, then I could finally meet you! x x

    1. Only just catching up with replying to all my comments but this one really helped me in the aftermath of his death hun so thank you for that. I think of them everyday. Some days are harder than others but I try to focus on the happy memories I have. With regards to meeting up, let's just plan something for new year hun! Xx

  4. Sorry for your loss. I look forward to reading more of your posts 💖😊 Xx


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