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It's not often that a book 'queue jumps' my TBR pile but Giovanna Fletcher's 'Billy and Me' has managed to do just that. My friend Jody highly recommended it so I have borrowed her rather well worn copy. Review to follow at a later date.
The story revolves around Sophie who has given up on all her dreams of going to university and travelling the world because of some earth shattering secret. Well, to be fair I don't know that it's actually earth shattering. I haven't reached the point in the book in which she reveals what the secret is yet, but I'm assuming it must be something pretty big for her to give up on all her hopes and aspirations. Instead she lives with her mum in the tiny village where she grew up and where everyone seems to know everybody else's business. Whilst working an average day in her local tea shop, she meets Billy - the latest heart-throb of an actor. After shying away from attention all her life, will Sophie be able to handle the spotlight that comes with dating one of the world's A-listers?
Giovanna writes very lovable characters who you warm to in an instant. I'm looking forward to seeing where the story takes Sophie next.

The second book that has also queue jumped my TBR pile was gifted to me by my lovely mum for my birthday.
'Sister, Missing' by Sophie McKenzie is the follow up novel to the AMAZING 'Girl, Missing.'
You may remember I mentioned loving 'Girl, Missing' in a recent post? If you haven't read this book then you must! I haven't actually started the sequel yet as I'm going to finish 'Billy and Me' first but it's safe to say that I am super excited to get stuck into this one!

Hope you're all having a fab week! Until next time... xxx

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Billy and Me

Sister Missing


  1. I read Sister, Missing last summer and it was really good! I've never read anything by Giovanna Fletcher but I am planning to soon!

    Serena /

    1. Oooh you should! Let me know what you think. I'm currently on a YA novel by Jennifer Niven titled 'Holding up the universe!' It's amazing! Xx


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